Tokinori Rinne!

Timeriders can freeze time for one second for every 200,000 words they read. Neat trick, wouldn’t you say? But what happens when they stop reading? Pretty much what happens when a normal human being stops eating.
Tokinori Rinne follows the spon­taneous summer adventures of a chipper group of kids, led by Rinne Mitsukuri Meyerhold, a human / timerider hybrid, and Kodaka Kusumoto, her next-door neighbor. Nothing can go wrong there, right? Right…?
Well… for starters, Rinne really hates reading.
Title: Tokinori Rinne!
Alternative name:  時載りリンネ!
Author: Seino Sei
Genre: Action, Adventure, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Release: 2007
Page(Chapter): 5 Volumes (Ongoing)
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Categories: Action, All Novel

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