The 380 Utterances of Kylin Zhang

“Shh, listen! Someone’s talking!”
“It was this thing just now.”
“I think they were running away just now.”
“I just feel like something is heading towards us from inside and it’s big.”
“It’s probably too late to leave now. Those two let us in because they were confident we won’t be able to get out.”
“Can’t kill it yet. We need it in order to leave this carcass cave.”
Pokerface said something in a foreign language. [Wu Xie’s narration.]
Title: The 380 Utterances of Kylin Zhang
Alternative name: 張起靈說過的三百八十句話
Author: Nan Pai San Shu
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Shounen Ai, Supernatural
Release: N/A
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  1. “Shh, listen! Someone’s talking!”
  2. “It was this thing just now.”
  3. “Yes.”
  4. “I think they were running away just now.”
  5. “I just feel like something is heading towards us from inside and it’s big.”
  6. “It’s probably too late to leave now. Those two let us in because they were confident we won’t be able to get out.”
  7. “Can’t kill it yet. We need it in order to leave this carcass cave.”
  8. Pokerface said something in a foreign language. [Wu Xie’s narration.]
  9. “Donkey hooves are for zombies. I’m afraid this isn’t a zombie. Let me handle this.” [Donkey hooves are to zombies what garlic is to vampires.]
  10. “Go! And do not look back!”
  11. “We are definitely here right now.”
  12. “This is a place for sacrifice. The altar should be below and the items of sacrifice should be underneath.”
  13. “Do not touch anything.”
  14. “There is another layer for security. The bricks must be removed by pulling outwards, not pushing in, and definitely not smashing!”
  15. “This wall is filled with vanadic acid used for the production of elixirs. Once it’s disturbed, the organic corrosive acid would pour onto us and we’ll be completely eaten away.”
  16. “Done!”
  17. “G-g-g.” (Xiaoge speaking zombie-nese)
  18. “We must leave this place before daybreak.”
  19. “Do not touch anything else in here. The owner of this coffin is very powerful. If it gets out, not even the gods will be able to save us.”
  20. “Careful when you walk by. Do not touch that coffin!”
  21. “Don’t move! The true owner [of the coffin] is underneath!” [This is a different coffin from #19.]
  22. “We can’t let him get to the chamber where we came from. We’re dead if he touches that coffin!”
  23. “Hurry. It’s gaining on us.”
  24. “Okay. The designs of the rock pathways here are a bit unusual. It probably won’t catch up for now.”
  25. “Help me hold him down.”
  26. “One got into his belly.”
  27. “This one suffocated in here.”
  28. “The wound is too deep. If it’s not disinfected, it’ll get infected and be more trouble.”
  29. “Run!”
  30. “Out of my way.”
  31. “To kill you.”
  32. “This blood zombie was the previous owner of the jade armour. King Shang of Lu discovered him when he robbed this grave and took it off. That’s why he became like this. Once you wear this jade armour, you shed your skin every five hundred years and only during shedding can the armour be taken off. If not, you would become a blood zombie. This living corpse before you has been living for more than three thousand years. If you so much as pulled a string off, it would have zombified and killed all of us.
  33. “You’ve lived long enough. Now die.”
  34. “Why do you care?” [In response to Wu Xie: “Who the hell are you and what do you have against this corpse?”]
  35. “Everything you wish to know is in that box.”
  36. “Of course not. Because in the end, the one lying in the jade armour was not King Shang but he himself.”
  37. “He was a calculating person and only wanted to use King Shang’s power to achieve his own goals of immortality.”
  38. “I didn’t experience it.” Pokerface shook his head. “I robbed a Song Dynasty grave several years ago and I found a complete silk scroll from the Warring States, and that scroll was an autobiography of Mr. Iron-face. After giving the instructions to King Shang, he burned his whole family and threw a beggar into the fire in place of himself while he dressed up as a beggar to avoid death. The king knew something was wrong but he couldn’t do anything. Finally, he waited for the king to be buried, easily sneaked into the tomb, dragged the powerless king out of the jade armour and got in himself. Everything the king had done ended up going to him and he never even saw it coming.”
  39. “He didn’t write about that in the scroll. Might be because the king hadn’t been in the armour for long enough to become a blood zombie.” His gaze looked a bit unnatural. “He only mentioned it briefly as an autobiography can only hold so much detail.”
  40. “It’s almost daybreak. We should leave soon.”
  41. “Easy. Let’s see what’s going on first.”
  42. “Let’s go. This is bad news. I can’t control the carcass bugs with the queen [bug] here.”
  43. “It’s poisonous! Touch it and you’ll die! Get out of the way!”
  44. “Don’t touch him. You’ll die!”
  45. “No!”
  46. “Hurry. There’s not much time left!”
  1. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Honour to meet you. I’m Zhang.”
  2. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “I wouldn’t say ‘expert.’ Just a lucky researcher who was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to publish a few theses. It’s nothing worth mentioning.”
  3. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “If I may ask, what’s your role in this, Mr. Wu? Excuse my bluntness but your field of study is not the most popular, or perhaps I’m being ignorant, but I haven’t seen any of your works on archeological journals.”
  4. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “You’re an architect? No wonder. We’re not from the same circle but our trades are similar. You build houses for the living; I study houses for the dead. There’s some connection there.”
  5. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Don’t move or I’ll kill him!” [He was being “controlled” by a sea demon at this time.]
  6. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Wu, I’ve got them under control. You go rescue her!”
  7. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Quick! You youngsters have to be brave!”
  8. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Holy shit!”
  9. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Ning! Ning!”
  10. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Our boat’s here. Let’s get out of here first.”
  11. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “It’s the Paracel [Islands] after all. We can never get roasted fish like this back where I come from.”
  12. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Oh, a newcomer. I didn’t catch your name?” [He’s talking to Fats.]
  13. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Could you call me Mr. Zhang or Professor Zhang?”
  14. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Well, cultured people and unrefined people are all people. I mean cultured people were all unrefined once. We just have different jobs, that’s all.”
  15. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “So what do you do, Mr. Wang?” [Fats’ last name is Wang.]
  16. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Ah, a crimefighter. Pardon my earlier actions.”
  17. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Say, cap’n [of the boat], I tore the shoulders off of your so-called Dragon King’s relative with one shot. Does that make me the Monkey King?” [The Monkey King stormed the Dragon King’s palace and wrecked it.]
  18. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “What is that?”
  19. {Zhang, the Oscar-winning actor} “Zongzi? Like the Jiaxing Wufangzhai brand zongzi?”

[It was revealed that this person who Wu Xie had thought was a bald, short archeologist was actually Kylin.]

  1. “Don’t worry. It’s fine.”
  2. “That woman purposely stepped on it. I guess she not only had confidence in herself but she wanted to finish us all.”
  3. “I don’t know either but I knew they were lotus arrows from your wounds. I can’t think of any other reason. Perhaps the owner of this tomb wanted to let us off easy, just to give us a warning.”
  4. “The ghost in the jug wanted us to go to the room on the left first and there must be a reason for that. Let’s go step-by-step. We’re still on their territory now so don’t mess around.”
  5. “He’s right. This seems to be another room. The infant coffin in the corner has disappeared too. The arrangement of burial items is very different, too. Also, look at the top–.”
  6. “What did Uncle Three say when he passed out? Say it again!”
  7. “I see now…”
  8. “This is a contraption, indeed, and it’s very simple. It can only fool amateurs. That’s why your uncle may not have seen through it twenty years ago, but did twenty years later.”
  9. “I’ll give you an example. You’ll understand right away. If there’s a two-storey building with one room on each floor and you step out of the room on the second floor, now, say I build another floor beneath the first floor, when you come back into the room, the second floor room would be on the third floor and the first floor room would be on the second floor.”
  10. “There is a major contradiction between what your uncle told us and our experience. I don’t know if you’ve noticed.”
  11. “Your uncle was lying here and never went out to the corridor. No matter how the rooms rise or fall he should have only been in this room. So how could it have changed?”
  12. “Also, the side chambers are always symmetrical. There can never be just one. So logically, there should be another one across from us.”
  13. “There’s still a long time before low tide. I’m not sure if the oxygen in here can last us until then. It’s up to the gods now.”
  14. “Do not speak.”
  15. “This is not the average coffin. This is a coffin for raising zombies.”
  16. “Actually, there is only one person in here.”
  17. “Look carefully at the differences between its ‘heads.’”
  18. “There are always exceptions.”
  19. “Is this the left or right side?”
  20. “Crap!”
  21. “Guns won’t kill it! Just run!”
  22. “It was just a white-haired drought demon. It can be killed by decapitation but a large amount of poison would be released. With our limited oxygen, it was not worth it.”
  23. “I think I’ve been here!”
  24. “I remember now what happened twenty years ago!”
  25. {Twenty year ago} “Don’t know.” (Xiaoge’s memories)
  26. {Twenty year ago} “Don’t worry. I can take care of myself!”
  27. {Twenty year ago} “I’ll think about it. Be right back.”
  28. {Twenty year ago} “Let go.”
  29. {Twenty year ago} “Thanks!”
  30. {Twenty year ago} “I’m Zhang! Don’t talk! Just look down for yourself!”
  31. {Twenty year ago} “Watch the steps! Don’t let him go up!”
  32. {Twenty year ago} [His] knowledge of traps and contraptions in ancient Chinese graves exceed any other person alive on earth. (Original narration.)
  33. {Twenty year ago} “Did you find something [an idea, perhaps]?”
  34. {Twenty year ago} “That’s not important. Look!”
  35. “When I woke up, I was lying on a hospital bed. I didn’t remember anything, I didn’t know anything until a few months later when I started getting short snippets. Then a few years passed before I found that something was wrong with my body.”
  36. “I still cannot tell you what it is but when I met your uncle three months ago, I thought he looked familiar. So I went to King Shang’s grave with you to remember more of the past.”
  37. “And while at King Shang’s grave, I noticed some very fishy things about your uncle!”
  38. “The gold silk scroll that you guys got out from the Green Bronze coffin is actually a fake. The real one had already been switched out by your uncle.”
  39. “No, not your uncle himself but he and Big Kui. They drilled a hole in the back of the tree all the way to the bottom of the coffin. That’s probably why Big Kui had to die.”
  40. “If that person really is your uncle, then he definitely has no motive. But–.”
  41. “Looks like there’s a change of plans. There’s no time. Let’s get out [of this room] and see from there!”
  42. “Someone’s jammed the door from the other side!”
  43. “It’s going to take at least another ten minutes to go over and we don’t have that much time left. Let’s go up!”
  44. “Don’t think too much. We still have time. Do you still remember the holes underneath that coffin?”
  45. “No. No grave robber would drill holes through the walls when he can just use the corridors in the tomb. There must have been a reason for him to do so: he was faced with a situation that forced him to drill for his life.”

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