Toshokan Sensou

Library War is a Japanese light novel series by Hiro Arikawa, with illustrations by Sukumo Adabana. There are four novels in the series, though only the first novel is called Toshokan Sensō; the subsequent novels are named Toshokan Nairan, Toshokan Kiki, and Toshokan Kakumei.

Vol 1 – Toshokan Sensou (図書館戦争) (Library War)
Vol 2 – Toshokan Nairan (図書館内乱) (Library Infighting)
Vol 3 – Toshokan Kiki (図書館危機) (Library Crisis)
Vol 4 – Toshokan Kakumei (図書館革命) (Library Revolution)
Title: Toshokan Sensou
Alternative name: Library War, 図書館戦争
Author: Arikawa Hiro
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Seinen
Release: 2006
Page(Chapter): 4 Volumes (Complete), 2 Side Story Volumes (Complete)
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