The Judges Chronicles: Rebirth of Shavron

Begin your journey with the Judges Chronicles! When a land created and blessed by their Creator turns against Him. It’s up to the judges of the land of Shavron: Gideon, Deborah, and Samson to make things right, but with the risk of war on the horizon and friendships in the balance, can the judges come together to save their precious land or witness the destruction of their country?

How it all Began
When time began a world was created; formed from the very fingertips of God.
Life was given to the creations He made and they lived among each other. God loved his creations and he called it good: for all he made was good and there was no evil among them. However, there was one creature that hated the very essence of his Creator and everything that he made. This creature sought to bring evil into the world. Thinking that it was out of God‘s watchful eye, this creature tempted the others in the world. Slowly, all kinds of evil began to brew in their minds. At that moment that world was changed and it would never be the same again. This is a tale of a world quite different from ours, but also the same in some ways. It‘s a tale of good and evil, a tale of faith in, and a tale of
the redemption of that fallen world.
Title: The Judges Chronicles: Rebirth of Shavron
Alternative name:
Author: Terdell Lee Johnson
Genre: Youth Books
Release: 2018
Page: 92
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Categories: Children's


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