My Wife With Amnesia Wants a Divorce

Ye Zhixia and Fu Sihan. The story of the novel mainly tells “Mr. Fu, let’s get a divorce.” Ye Zhixia Pass the agreement. “Divorce? Don’t even think about it!” President Fu Da sneered and directly rejected the proposal with practical actions. Upon waking up, Ye Zhixia found that she had become a married woman, and her husband was still the powerful Fu at the helm. Before, everyone thought that Fu was always cold, but now everyone thinks they are blind. One day, the media asked Mr. Fu three times. “Mr. Fu, what is the sweetest food you have ever eaten?” Fu Sihan: “My wife!” “Mr. Fu, what flower do you like best?” Fu Sihan: “Give my wife money.” Media He risked his death and asked: “Ms. Fu, I heard that Miss Ye has a bad temper and she is still very aggressive?” Fu Sihan: “I’m spoiled, do you have an opinion?” “…” The dog food coming over is really touching. Unprepared.
Title: My wife with amnesia wants a divorce
Alternative name: 失忆娇妻要离婚
Author: Gu Eucalyptus Eucalyptus
Genre: novel, romance
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 516
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“…” Ye Zhixia pursed her lips reproachfully, feeling uncomfortable as if she was pressing a boulder in her heart.

“Good-hearted person? Isn’t it the doctor Ye Zhenhua found for her mother?”

Speaking of Ye Zhenhua, Aunt Yu stopped fighting with anger, wishing to dig out his flesh and drink his blood, “Don’t mention Ye Zhenhua’s beast, if he didn’t want to divorce and marry a mistress, your mother would not be mad, that scumbag, Since your mother was ill, he has seen it pretendingly. After that, he didn’t pay a penny! Ye Zhenhua is not a human being.”

Aunt Yu’s words caused Ye Zhixia’s brain to explode, and the blood all over her body was boiling in anger.

She found that the ruthlessness of seeing Ye Zhenhua today was just the tip of his iceberg.

Aunt Yu continued to say angrily, “Since your grandfather passed away and your mother’s family has no support, he has been ambitious. He not only deceived your mother to gain trust and completely control Ye’s, but also cruelly took away the shares that belonged to your mother and you. He was cruel. This is to let your two mothers and daughters go out of the house!”

“According to the law, property should be divided equally, how could he do this…”

Aunt Yu glanced at Ye Zhixia, her eyes full of distress, “The child is as innocent as your mother. Ye Zhenhua doesn’t want to divorce your mother overnight. He secretly transferred his property long ago. The former Qin enterprise has now become Ye’s. .”

“He is bullying your orphans and widows, and bullying your mother who is seriously ill and no one will expose his crimes. When he is really divorced from your mother, you will really have nothing!”

Aunt Yu was so angry that she almost didn’t get angry after she finished speaking in one breath.

Ye Zhixia’s fingers were white and her lips were shaking with anger.

Seeing her mother who was seriously ill in bed, Ye Zhenhua only wanted to divorce, thinking that their mother and daughter had nothing to do with them, and her heart surged with hatred.

She hates that Ye Zhenhua is just a door-to-door son-in-law. He can live today because of her mother and grandfather. Why does he treat his mother that way?

Those things belonged to her mother. Why could Ye Zhenhua occupy her peace of mind? Why did Jiang Mengfei enjoy her mother’s hard work?

“Aunt Yu, I went to see Ye Zhenhua today. He kicked me out and said that I was not his biological daughter, and that I was born to my mother and another man!”

“Fart!” Aunt Yu almost jumped up with anger, “Ye Zhenhua doesn’t even recognize you? This bastard is really black-hearted.”

“Zhixia, Aunt Yu will tell you the truth. In fact, your mother is not fertile. Ye Zhenhua asked your mother to bring you back from the outside. Although you are not Ye Zhenhua’s birth, it is not your mother and other men. How can he turn black and white and wrong your mother?”

“…” Ye Zhixia’s eyes widened in shock.

After a long time, she was relieved, so, Qin Dai and Ye Zhenhua are not her biological parents?

On this day, Ye Zhixia felt that she had fallen from the altar into the abyss and experienced the worst thing in her life.

The parents are not biological, she has nothing.

No, she still has a mother, even if Qin Dai is not her real mother, she still treats Qin Dai as her real mother.

Fu Group.

Xu Bai entered the office and glanced at the handsome, noble but gloomy boss who was sitting at the expensive desk and dressed in a black suit. His heart trembled.

Since Miss Ye left the villa, the husband has been cold-faced till now.

“Sir, Madam returned to Ye’s house and was driven out, and was beaten by Ye Zhenhua.” Xu Bai thought for a while and decided to inform Fu Sihan of Ye Zhixia’s whereabouts.

Fu Sihan paused slightly when he held the pen.

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