Chapter 6 Do you think Dad will still want you?

“Ye Qianying, why don’t you become a screenwriter with your imagination?”

Ye Zhixia couldn’t believe it.

Before she could finish her words, Ye Qianying glared at Ye Zhixia and interrupted her arrogantly, “It won’t be long before my mom and your dad are getting married. To be precise, my mom and dad have been in love for a long time. Mom kicked me in. How can I separate my parents and prevent our family from being reunited!”

Ye Zhixia: “…”

“Ye Zhixia, your eldest lady’s life has come to an end, and I am now the eldest lady of the Ye family. As for you… heh, it’s just a wild species that your mother and other men fool around. Dad now knows that you are not his biological daughter. Do you think Dad will still want you?”

Ye Qianying’s words fell on Ye like a bomb In Zhixia’s heart, stormy waves were set off in her heart.

Her head was a little confused, listening to Ye Qianying’s mockery, she couldn’t say a word for a while.

How could this be?

Why, she came out of the hospital, as if everything had changed.

Ye Zhixia clenched her fists, her pale little face with a trace of stubbornness, “I won’t believe what you said, I will ask myself when Dad comes back! And this is my home, you are not welcome here, leave immediately!”

At this time, there was the sound of the car stalling outside, and Ye Zhixia looked back at her father’s car, and her heart couldn’t help but get excited.

Ye Qianying naturally saw the car outside.

At this moment, Ye Qianying’s eyes flashed, and she swept down a good jade pendant on the coffee table, and smashed it to pieces.

“Ye Qianying, are you crazy?” Ye Zhixia glared at Ye Qianying. Although she didn’t know what she was going to do, she was very upset at Ye Qianying’s behavior.

At this time, his father had entered the room from outside, and Ye Zhixia was too lazy to talk to Ye Qianying.

She quickly stood up and looked at her mother

happily , “Dad!” Ye Zhenhua was startled when she saw Ye Zhixia. After confirming that it was her, there was no excitement on her face, even a trace of anger.

“You still have the face to dare to come back?” Ye Zhenhua was full of anger when he thought that Ye Zhixia would not listen to his arrangements to escape and offend Mr. Zhang and almost bankrupt the company.

Not to mention, after Ye Zhixia escaped from Ye’s house, she disappeared for a few months.

In those few months, he heard Ye Qianying and Jiang Mengfei say that Ye Zhixia was fooling around with inconsistent men outside, and even went to the hospital to have an abortion.

Ye Zhenhua felt that his old face was going to be lost, and he simply assumed that he didn’t have this wicked girl.

Seeing Ye Zhenhua’s anger, Ye Zhixia was right because she had escaped from the Ye family.

She pursed her lips and apologized, “Dad, don’t be angry, I was a bit headstrong before…”

“Don’t call me father, I don’t have a daughter like you, I can’t afford to lose that person. You like to fool around, then You will always be outside, what are you doing here?”

Ye Zhenhua’s accusing voice was harsh, cold and angry, which made Ye Zhixia feel a little strange.

Although her father hadn’t spoiled her much since she was a child, it was the first time that she had treated her so badly, and she felt very uncomfortable.

Ye Zhixia’s nose was slightly sour, and she was about to speak and explain.

Ye Qianying on the side suddenly exclaimed, “God,

Zhixia , you… why did you break the jade pendant?” The voice behind Ye Qianying was very small, but it was enough for Ye Zhenhua to hear.

Ye Zhenhua looked up and saw that the jade pendant he was going to give to President Li was broken into pieces, and the broken jade pendant was in front of Ye Zhixia.

But he bought it for a lot of money and a lot of effort, but it was broken by Ye Zhixia?

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