Chapter 5 The Arrogant Mistress

Ye Zhixia slept on the sofa all night, but she did not leave the villa.

It was too late last night and this place was not easy to take a taxi. She also wanted to wait for dawn to divorce Fu Sihan.

After Xu Bai entered the study, he stood tremblingly in front of Fu Sihan, “Sir, Miss Ye, she…”

Fu Sihan was sitting on the sofa, listening to the news. His eyebrows were very handsome, but his eyes were not shining. The top three buttons of the white shirt are unbuttoned, and the delicate collarbone is slightly exposed, with a touch of sexy in the cold and abstinence.

“What did she say to you?” Fu Sihan asked casually.

Xu Bai was a little embarrassed, and finally said honestly, “Miss Ye wants to go through the divorce procedures with her husband!”

Xu Bai felt that Ye Zhixia could really do it, and couldn’t help lighting a few candles for Ye Zhixia in his heart.

Fu Sihan’s face instantly darkened, “Tell her I’m not at home”


Ye Zhixia learned that Fu Sihan was not in the villa, so she decided to go home first.

The nurse’s uniform on her body was very strange. Seeing that there were women’s clothing in Fu Sihan’s room, she wore a set and left a note to Fu Sihan by the way.

Watching Ye Zhixia leave the villa without reluctance, Fu Sihan’s eyes staring at the screen were extremely cold.

“Sir, do you want to send your madam? It’s not easy to take a taxi here.”

Fu Si glanced at Xu Bai with a cold eye, “You give her a try!”

It is August, and it is very hot. Ye Zhixia walked for nearly an hour. Did not come out of Jiangnan Belvedere, almost crazy.

Walking from Jiangnan Belvedere to a place where she could take a taxi, she was so tanned that she was thirsty and tired. She couldn’t help cursing Fu Sihan for becoming a sufferer. If it weren’t for him, would she be so unlucky?

When Ye Zhixia went back to her villa and entered the living room, she saw two women sitting in the living room, they were talking about something.

“Ye Zhixia?”

The two people in the living room were shocked when they saw Ye Zhixia suddenly come back.

“Qianying, auntie, come to my house to play?”

Ye Zhixia sat down and greeted the two with a smile.

Among the two women sitting on the sofa, the young and charming Ye Qianying is her classmate, and the other noble lady is Ye Qianying’s mother Jiang Mengfei, who is also a friend of her mother.

These two people often visit her home, and Ye Zhixia is used to it.

Ye Zhixia leaned back on the sofa and lazily ordered, “Housekeeper Zhou, help me pour a glass of water, I’m almost dying of thirst!” But

housekeeper Zhou stood motionless, his eyes still looking at Ye Qianying and Jiang Mengfei.

Ye Zhixia frowned, how could she say that she was also the owner of the family, so what happened to him to help pour a glass of water?

At this moment, Jiang Mengfei, who was sitting next to her, smiled and said, “Housekeeper Zhou, come and pour a glass of water for guests at home.”

“It’s Madam!” Housekeeper Zhou moved, and his attitude was very respectful.

Housekeeper Zhou was just calling Mrs. Jiang Mengfei? Jiang Mengfei still said she was a guest?

Did she hear me right? This is clearly her home!

“Housekeeper Zhou, what do you mean, I can’t tell you as a lady at home, but a guest can call you. Did you move to Ye Qianying’s house?” Ye Zhixia looked rather unhappy.

Even if she was in the hospital for a while, Housekeeper Zhou wouldn’t know her.

Jiang Mengfei glanced at Ye Zhixia triumphantly, and smiled, “Zhixia, don’t you know, this is now my home and Qianying’s home.”

“What do you mean? My parents transferred the house to you, and the servant also transferred it?” Ye Zhixia’s eyes were cold.

Ye Qianying, who was wearing a little pink dress, smiled, her voice sarcastically, “What a idiot, I don’t understand this? Ye Zhixia, not only this family belongs to us, your father, your company, everything that once belonged to you, is now It belongs to me and my mother!”

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