Chapter 4 I want to divorce you

I want to divorce you.

“I don’t think that you are blind. It’s just that I am married to you. It’s too ridiculous. If you say that I am married to you, what about the marriage certificate?” Ye Zhixia was speechless. She had some intimate actions besides the accident Fu Sihan. Maybe marry him?

Fu Sihan’s eyes grew colder, she didn’t want to admit that it was his wife, she was actually pretending to be stupid.

In fact, after the previous incident, he understood a few things…

Want to see the marriage certificate, okay, he showed her and made her give up.

“Bedside table!” Fu Sihan’s voice was cold, and there was a cold air on his face.

Ye Zhixia was taken aback, only to think that Fu Sihan was joking with her, but she still walked to the bedside table in a mysterious manner.

Sure enough, two red marriage certificates were found on the bedside table.

The names of Ye Zhixia and Fu Sihan were printed on it, and the photos were also her and Fu Sihan.

She hadn’t seen the date of marriage clearly yet, Fu Sihan had snatched the marriage certificate from her hand.

“Fu Sihan…this marriage certificate is fake, I really don’t remember marrying you.”

“If you don’t believe me, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to check.” Fu Si left this sentence coldly, and it was already Turning indifferently, he went to the wine cabinet beside him.

Ye Zhixia was extremely puzzled. She had a car accident on the day she ran away from Ye’s house. How could she marry Fu Sihan?

How could she not remember such an important thing as marriage?

What is going wrong?

Ye Zhixia stood in the room and glanced at the man with a gloomy look at the moment.

If he is not blind, he must be the most perfect man in the world.

Although she didn’t know how she married him, but she didn’t want to marry at all, let alone no feelings at all, the other party was still gay!

“Fu Sihan, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce tomorrow.” Anyway, she has to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to check the truth. If she and Fu Sihan are really married, then divorce.


Fu Sihan’s cup fell to the ground and broke to pieces.

“Divorce?” Fu Sihan gritted his teeth, Ye Zhixia was inexplicably frightened by the yin bird’s breath.

She plucked up the courage and said, “That…Anyway…Neither I nor you have feelings anyway. Marriage may be a misunderstanding, so…so let’s leave.”


Fu Sihan was beaten by Ye Zhixia. He smiled angrily, her eyes sharp like a knife, Ye Zhixia didn’t realize how terrifying Fu Sihan’s eyes were at this time.

No feelings?

“Ye Zhixia, you really do everything for that man! Pretending to be stupid and stunned, I will cross the river and demolish the bridge after I use it?”

Fu Sihan was so angry that he smashed the red wine in his hand on the ground and threw angrily. The door leaves.

“Man? What is he talking about?” Ye Zhixia looked at Fu Sihan who was leaving angrily, confused.

She felt that she and Fu Sihan were not on the same channel at all, and she couldn’t understand many things Fu Sihan said.

Why did she marry Fu Sihan?

Is it the father’s meaning?

If this is the case, my father would be too much. When she was in a coma, regardless of her opinion, he would marry her to someone else.

For this kind of marriage, she will not leave, still keeping the New Year?

After Fu Sihan left the bedroom, he went to the study next door.

After thinking for a while, he still couldn’t help turning on the monitoring of the room. When his eyes fell on the screen, the previously dull and dull eyes shimmered.

Through the screen, he saw that Ye Zhixia was still in the room and had not left, standing motionless, with a depressed expression on her pretty little face.

“Sir, have you quarreled with Miss Ye again?” Xu Bai made a cup of tea for Fu Sihan and put it on the table.

Fu Sihan didn’t speak, his eyes were silently moved away from the screen, and the monitoring was turned off smoothly. At this moment, the eyes that had just returned to normal became empty and indifferent again.

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