Chapter 2 I know you well?

As for the man in the back seat, Ye Zhixia glanced at him secretly.

He was wearing a white shirt, with a cigarette in his left hand on the window of the car, his white cuffs were pulled up to half an inch from his wrist, and black trousers wrapped his powerful slender legs.

His face was hidden in the dark light, making it difficult to see his appearance, and the compelling momentum on his body made Ye Zhixia a little bit square.

The car was silent and the atmosphere was very stagnant.

Feeling a gaze staring at her, Ye Zhixia smiled awkwardly and politely, “Sir, I am being collected by loan sharks, can I borrow your car for a while? I promise not to cause you trouble, and I will leave soon. ! ” “

I’m very familiar with you? “

a deep voice, cold and putting a trace of emotion,” Get off! “

Ye know summer as she did not expect such a beautiful and lovely, delicate and charming girl, difficulties, even considering all the other Without consideration?

At this point, the bodyguards had already chased her, and if she got out of the car now, she would definitely be caught.

Ye Zhixia folded her hands together, blinked at the man with watery eyes, and whispered, “Sir, although you and I met for the first time, as the saying goes, you can sit in the same car for a hundred years. I think you are kind and kind, and you must be kind and kind. People, I really have difficulties now, so please help me!”

Her coquettish appearance was reflected in his dark pupils.

Her skin was as white and smooth as milk, her big black and white eyes looked like stars falling, and her exquisite face was matched with a sea-blue nurse’s dress, which was pure and charming, and Fu Sihan couldn’t help but tighten her throat.

Damn woman!

Fu Sihan could show such an expression to a strange man when she saw her, but to himself…

“Get off!”

Fu Sihan said coldly again.

Ye Zhixia saw that the group of bodyguards had reached the side of the car, and they were still looking inside.

She was afraid of being discovered by them. She immediately buried her face in Fu Sihan’s chest and curled it in his arms, “Sir, you help me this time, I will definitely thank you.”

Fu Sihan looked down. , Looked at the top of her fluffy head, her eyes were secretive, but she didn’t push her away.

Under Ye Zhixia’s face was the man’s strong chest. She felt like she was resting on a hot steel plate.

The warm body temperature made her blush without any promise.

Just when Ye Zhixia thought that the outside bodyguard had gone, she heard a voice coming from the front intercom, “Xu Special Assistant, we seemed to see the wife getting into the husband’s car just now. Is the wife inside?”

“Madam is here? In the car, you go back first.” Xu Bai in the driver’s seat replied to the walkie-talkie.

“Yes!” After

the bodyguards outside responded, they retreated with training.

Ye Zhixia was stunned for a moment, thinking about the conversation between Xu Bai and the bodyguards, and her heart shook.

What’s so…Couldn’t be so bloody, so coincidental?

She was so stupid that she still cherished this man?

Ye Zhixia was so scared that he quickly pushed Fu Sihan away.

She was about to grab the car and get out, but the man held her wrist and pulled her into his arms.

At the same time, he said to Xu Bai in a low voice , “Drive!”


After Xu Bai replied respectfully, he had already started the engine to drive and locked the door by the way.

Ye Zhixia went crazy when she thought of hugging herself as an old man in her fifties.

She struggled and said angrily, “You let me go, I want to get off the bus, let me go!”

“Do you think I am a bus, you get on when you want to get on, and get off when you want to get off?” The

man’s voice said, It exploded above her head.

His voice was very sexy and beautiful, Ye Zhixia felt weird, and she didn’t seem too old, but it was too dark around her, and she couldn’t see anything.

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