Chapter 1 Don’t let the lady run away!


Feeling the weight of her man, Ye Zhixia wanted to struggle, but her hands were pushed to the top of her head by the shackles, but she couldn’t move.

The man bowed his head and kissed him hot, falling down, his hot lips swallowed her like magma, his breath wrapped her tightly, making her almost breathless.

When the air in the lungs was almost dry, the man released her lips.

The tip of her squishy tongue walked along her delicate skin, and with a “stab”, her long skirt was suddenly torn apart.


Ye Zhixia groaned in panic, and her slender body trembled gently like catkins in the wind. Before Ye Zhixia pushed him away, she suddenly opened her eyes.

“Is it a dream?”

Ye Zhixia looked at the white ceiling and slowly let out a sigh of air.

After a while, she realized that what she had just now was not a dream. Those pictures were what she had done with a strange man.

The tip of his nose was filled with the smell of poisonous water, pulling Ye Zhixia back to her senses. There were white walls on all sides, but the inside was very luxurious and it was a luxurious ward.

She was the only one in the room. Ye Zhixia opened the quilt and got out of the bed slowly. When she walked to the door, she opened the door and found two bodyguards in black standing at the door.

The black-clothed bodyguard saw Ye Zhixia wake up, with surprise on his rigid face.

One of the bodyguards quickly made a call, “Xu Tezhu, Madam is awake.”


Ye Zhixia suddenly remembered something. On the day of her car accident, her father asked her to marry a man in her 50s.

At that time, she had a big quarrel with her father. Later, she secretly escaped from Ye’s house. She had a car accident on the way to escape. Did her father still let her marry while she was in a coma?

Thinking of this, Ye Zhixia couldn’t help but chuckle.

Before the bodyguards had time to salute Ye Zhixia, Ye Zhixia slammed the door shut.

Hearing my father said that the old man was so powerful in Y City, the bodyguard informed him that if the man came, she would be finished.

Before the other party came, she had to slip away quickly, Ye Zhixia’s eyes rolled around in the room, and soon her eyes locked somewhere.

When the bodyguard heard the sound and turned his head, he saw Ye Zhixia crawl out of the window in the ward and Sa Yazi ran away.

“Quickly chase, don’t let the lady run away!” The

bodyguards never expected Ye Zhixia to run away as soon as she woke up.

During her coma, it was her husband who was taking care of her every day. She was not grateful and ran away?

Which one is this trouble?

The long-legged bodyguard quickly caught up with Ye Zhixia. Fortunately, there were a lot of people in the hospital. After avoiding the sight of the bodyguard, she sneaked into a nurse’s lounge, stole the nurse’s clothes and shoes, and escaped from the hospital.

Ye Zhixia thought that she would be fine when she escaped from the hospital.

Who knew there were more people and cars chasing her outside the hospital.

The old man is really powerful.

Ye Zhixia ran towards the nearby alley.

The sky is already dark, and the people behind are still chasing after him.

The alley ahead was a dead end, and a black car with its taillights was parked in the alley.

The bodyguard got closer, and Ye Zhixia’s heart became more and more nervous.

How to do?

Glancing at the car, she gritted her teeth and pulled the door sideways and got in.

As soon as he entered, Ye Zhixia felt cold air rushing toward her face, and a strong sense of oppression, which made her back chill and nervous inexplicably.

There were two people in the car.

The man in the driver’s suit turned his head and glanced at Ye Zhixia, without saying anything, he immediately turned his head and treated Ye Zhixia as air.

As for the man sitting in the back seat, Ye Zhixia glanced at him secretly.

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