Chapter 4: task

The place where Jiang Shuxuan lives is a temporary residence, but even if it is a temporary place to live, one can count the number of places that N City can afford to live in.

This is a luxurious manor in the city center. Every house in it is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. When it was built, most of the houses were booked for the rich. Ordinary retail investors or foreign merchants couldn’t find anyone who wanted to buy it.

Gu Xiqiao squinted her eyes and recognized it instantly, but she was not surprised at all.

She was taken into an already cleaned up room.

Soon, a middle-aged woman came up and gave a set of clothes.

[Trigger the task of doing a good job every day: Help Zhang’s wife cure her leg problems, reward 5 points for completing the task. Just after Gu Xiqiao took the clothes, the voice of the system popped out of his mind.

Gu Xiqiao instantly understood that this was a task to publish the system. She had indeed read a lot of medical books in the virtual space, but she had never practiced it on the human body, and she could not expect her to use her little medical skills to harm people: “What to do with the dead?”

[The system can detect her health, and you need to buy an ancient recipe in the store with overdraft points. 】

【Ding! The test is complete. 】

Gu Xiqiao quickly looked at the results of the system scan, and while mobilizing the medical books he had read in her mind, she came up with a treatment method almost instantly. She reached out and grabbed Zhang’s wrist and thought for a while before she began to say, “Double 45 grams of flowers, 45 grams of male English, 45 grams of gypsum, 30 grams of gentian, 30 grams of Smilax, 30 grams of Polygonum cuspidatum…”

Seeing Mrs. Zhang looking confused, Gu Xiqiao stopped.

She went around the room, found paper and pen, and continued to talk as she wrote.

“Your steps are slightly stagnant during walking. Although it is not obvious, you can still see it after careful observation. This is the root of the disease left after delivery. Due to postpartum fatigue, premature exposure to water, and lack of warmth, heels appeared within a month The joints of the fingers and wrists are painful, and the right side of the posterior tail vertebrae is painful. Later, after treatment, it has improved, but the heel is still painful when the road is a little longer. When the weather is changed, the pain is unbearable and unable to walk. Your symptoms, at most two Years, will be half-body paralyzed.”

She can see the pathology, and the treatment history is the result of the system scan.

With her abilities and IQ, she has stayed in the virtual space for so many years, and it is not in vain. The system feels that Gu Xiqiao feels that her words to “medicate the dead” are completely modest.

Auntie Zhang became more and more shocked when she heard that, because Gu Xiqiao said that her condition was not different from her. If she hadn’t seen her before, Auntie Zhang would think that the other party had investigated her own history, “You…how do you know? “

Gu Xiqiao finished writing the medicine list, carefully looked at it, and passed it to Aunt Zhang, “One for internal use and one for external fumigation. The details are written on it. Listen, it is a woman who should treat herself better. If you are strong, never try to be strong when you are weak. You must let others see your fragility before someone loves you.”

Her voice was gentle, she smiled lazily, her eyes seemed to be covered with a faint warm light, and her clear eyes were full of pity.

Aunt Zhang felt sour. She knew her character. Her mother-in-law was picky about her when she first entered the house. She was disgusted because she gave birth to a daughter and went to the ground three days after giving birth. She was always thinking about her mother-in-law and her husband, but she did not expect that the root of the disease had fallen, and her legs could barely touch the ground when it rained. Later, her husband divorced her because of this. She was not painless, but she was used to giving and forbearing. Ten years have passed, and now someone suddenly tells her: Only when others see your fragility can someone love you.

“Thank you!” Aunt Zhang didn’t know what to say, looking at the prescription in her hand, her eyes were a little hazy, and even the words choked with difficulty.

It seemed that the grievance she had suffered was finally discovered, and she was distressed, and she couldn’t help but want to cry.

“You’re welcome.” Gu Xiqiao smiled. She saw Sister Zhang, vaguely like seeing herself.

Too stupid and too stubborn.

【mission completed! Five points are obtained, one point is deducted to redeem the medicine bill, and four points are left. 】

【Ding! Trigger mandatory tasks: Calligraphy reaches the Grand Master level, and 1000 points will be awarded for completion of the task. The system detects that the host’s words are too ugly, and random tasks are triggered. Please complete them perfectly! Otherwise, you will receive a level 3 penalty! 】

【Ding! Trigger mandatory daily tasks: practice calligraphy for 1 hour a day, and the task will reward you with 1 point! 】

【Host? Bridge Beauty? Gu Xiqiao? Did you hear the voice of posting the task? ] The system is pinching his waist in the void, his face is fading.

“My characters are ugly?” Gu Xiqiao raised her eyebrows when she watched Mrs. Zhang leave. She had practiced this character with her neighbor’s grandfather when she was a child. Although it can’t be compared with everyone in calligraphy, it’s still beautiful and elegant. Most people’s characters are much better, but this system actually calls them “ugly”?

Does it understand Earth language?

[Beauty Bridge, this system has searched through the text database of the earth, and found that your characters are simply too rough. The so-called characters are like their own. The creation starts with calligraphy. Letting you come back and wasting a lot of energy in this system, you must change as soon as possible Only by being perfect can I receive more tasks and I will have more energy! 】The humanoid figure condensed in the void system sat down and groaned his mouth.

“I practice, what is the level 3 punishment?” Gu Xiqiao asked, thinking about it because he had read a lot of medical books, which triggered the task just now.

[There are ten levels of punishment, level one is loss of voice for ten days, level three is electric shock, and the most terrifying level is level ten, kill! 】

Even if he died once, Gu Xiqiao was shocked by the two words “to obliterate”. It feels really uncomfortable to hold his life in the hands of others, “Practicing calligraphy takes a lot of time. Can I complete this task in my lifetime? ?”

The system is looking right, [You can exchange points for virtual space, and a little point can be exchanged for one day, which is why I let you learn so much. 】

Gu Xiqiao thought of the space where her soul stayed after death. It should be the virtual space the system said.

To be honest, a little point is really not expensive. Everyone knows that money can’t buy time, but she can exchange time at will. This is already the most guarded golden finger.

She constricted her eyes, then turned around the room, preparing to move her legs downstairs to find some water.

The lights in the hall downstairs were on, and Jiang Shuxuan stood by the door, standing tall.

His voice echoed in the hall, like the sound of jade and stone. Gu Xiqiao took a step down the stairs, only to realize that he was downstairs, and the steps he had just fallen slowly took back. Well, is it too late to go back to the room now?

I have to say that Gu Xiqiao was afraid of the person downstairs, it was too deep to fathom, even though his kindness was obvious.

Jiang Shuxuan hung up his cell phone, and as soon as he looked up, he saw the person standing at the top of the stairs.

The blue floral skirt is very close to her peaceful temperament, the skin is whiter because of the light blue, the light seems to be flowing with crystal light, the black hair is scattered behind her like a waterfall, her head is slightly tilted, and she has beautiful eyes. Ming Che is like a spring, she is still very young, but she already has the talent to make people breathless.

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