Uncle Chapter 6

An Yun only felt that his back was instantly stiff, but his expression was confused, “Uncle, I saw it by accident, what’s wrong?”

“To be honest!” The

short is three words, making An Yun’s heart fierce. Shrinking-she knew that the person in front of her was not easy to fool.

Seeing that An Yun hadn’t spoken for a long time, Wei Hanjue pursed his thin lips, his voice was indifferent but sexual-feeling, “Don’t let me check it myself… tell the truth!”

Wei Hanjue said, while bowing his head. Gong Jun hurried forward to light a cigarette, then lowered his head and retreated to the side.

An Yun smiled calmly, “I’m telling the truth. If I didn’t see it, how could I say that?”

“Time, place!” Wei Hanjue cherished words like gold as always.

An Yun was taken aback first, and quickly realized that Wei Hanjue was asking himself when and where he saw Qin Mo and his second uncle and his third uncle.

An Yun’s fingers paused…

“It’s been so long, nowhere do I remember so clearly!”

Wei Hanjue took a cigarette, and the smoke that came out engulfed his stern face, like a god of majesty.

“Do you need me to help you remember?”

An Yun grinned, a pair of watery eyes bent into crescent

moons , and said simply, “No need!” Wei Hanjue’s fingers held the cigarette, and he raised his eyebrows casually. Xiang Anjun, a princely abstinence.

An Yun took a deep breath, seeming to think hard, that the black eyes were embedded in the over-white face, unspeakably bright.

“Yunxiang Club, I can’t remember the time clearly, it should be a week ago…”

Wei Hanjue paused, his sharp eyes were dark and unclear, which made people unable to guess their emotions.

An Yun lowered her eyes. As the queen of the killer world, she naturally wants to have as much intelligence information as possible. Therefore, she knows the Yunxiang Club under Qin Mo’s name…

not to mention, the distance between Yunxiang Club and their home It is too far away, presumably with Qin Mo’s cautious character, things like this that need to avoid people’s ears, of course, can only feel at ease on his own territory. Kuwen Novel Network http://www.kuwenxs.com

“Do you have pen and paper on you?” Wei Hanjue glanced at An Yun lightly.

“Huh?” An Jun didn’t expect Wei Hanjue’s thinking to jump like this. One second before he was interrogating a prisoner, the next second he asked if he had pen and paper on his body? !

What rhythm? !

An Yun shook his head obediently even though he was puzzled.

There was no smoke in Wei Hanjue’s hand at this time, but there was still a faint smell of tobacco lingering in his body, mixed with the unique smell of Wei Hanjue, giving a strong sense of abstinence.

“188, memorize it!” Wei Hanjue frowned.

“Ah…” An Jun stared at Wei Hanjue blankly, unable to keep up with Wei Hanjue’s thoughts.

Wei Hanjue frowned slightly, and looked down at An Yun’s white and tender face. At such a close distance, he could even see the tiny hairs and the skin was incredible.

“Call me if you have something!”

An Yun widened his eyes with a dazed expression, her eyes full of shock, as if she couldn’t believe her ears.

Just now… Did my uncle say his phone number? !

Oh my God!

It’s not just An Yun who is shocked, Gong Jun’s face is even more incredible!

This…Is this still the frosty Sir Alex? !

He could still hear the seven words, “Call me if something happens,” from Sir Alex Ferguson’s mouth? !

The point is-it’s the first time that Sir Alex told a sister about his phone number!

Although An Yun is his niece, but, after all, she is a sister paper……

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