Uncle Chapter 18

“Sister, you misunderstood. I met Xu Shangming to intercede with you. As for the clothes, I accidentally spilled coffee on it. Xu Shangming gave me one. I don’t know how expensive this dress is! Take it off in a while and return it to Xu Shangming, eldest sister, don’t you be angry with me, okay?”

An Qing pouted and pouted, “I won’t meet Xu Shangming anymore… I won’t talk anymore, OK? …Sister, don’t be angry with me…”

An Yun sneered, really a very profitable mouth, and she was completely clean in a few words!

“Qingqing, what’s on your neck? Did the mosquito bite?” An Yun tilted his head, raised his hand and nodded his neck.

An Qing raised her hand to cover her neck with a flustered face, and stammered, “Oh, it was… it was bitten by a mosquito…”

An Yun’s mouth raised slightly-it seems that my uncle is right, An Qing really stupid ……


“laugh, not really lie blush, now in May, where did the mosquito ……”

“true, true ……”

An Qing suddenly a face up in the red, she found I simply got more and more wrong, and couldn’t stay here anymore…

An Qing glared at An Yun, then turned and ran out of the dormitory.

“Wow, have you seen it?! She has a hickey on her neck…”

“It seems that something really happened to Xu Shangming …” “A real person does

n’t show his face…”

“Who says it’s not… The key is the object My sister’s boyfriend, tut tut…”

The girls in the dormitory were whispering with excitement on their faces. They obviously couldn’t hold back their excitement, and wanted to spread the news!

An Yun faintly retracted his gaze, picked up the pen and continued to calculate the math problem that had not been calculated, and it didn’t matter what he was hanging up high.


high school night classes are from six o’clock start, but this time, the message about safe Xushang Ming and Qing roll sheets has spread throughout the school, and even Ann Qing also came the news has been pregnant ……

when When An Yun stepped into the classroom, the noisy classroom suddenly fell silent. Everyone looked good at the show, watching An Yun walk to his place with his schoolbag expressionless. 135 Chinese http://www.135zwxs.com

did not cry? !

Wasn’t it dumped by Xu Shangming? !

“It’s really cool to chase after a girl. You said that after a lot of effort to chase Xu Shangming, your sister pryed the corner…”

“What, it must be pretending, secretly. I don’t know how many times I have cried…

“Yes, it must be like this…”

An Jun turned a deaf ear to the surrounding discussions, and took out his textbooks to review.

The life of high school was originally boring and boring, and finally broke A piece of such a burst of news made a group of students quietly study, and they whispered to each other to exchange information they heard or imagined.

“An Yun! Get out of me! “

At this

moment, a violent shout suddenly sounded outside the classroom of the third grade class, everyone subconsciously followed the reputation , almost shocked their chin… It turned out to be Xu Shangming!

Xu Shangming stood at the door with an angry expression. And a handsome face is even more distorted and scary.

“An Yun, did you-mother hear me? Get out of me! “

An Yun frowned slightly, obviously not expecting Xu Shangming to come to the door.

And looking at his appearance, it is obvious that he came to Xingshi to inquire about the crime, and the only person behind him who instigated him was An Qing…


An Qing was even sure that Xu Shangming would seek justice from him? !

Oh, today I don’t clean up these two dogs and men together, but I can’t help but these two idiots came to give away their heads!

“Squad leader, call the teacher for me!” An Yun looked back at the squad leader who craned his neck to watch the show.

Squad leader:…

Woo, I want to watch the big show, can you not go…

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