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The shadow queen’s rivals are all bankrupt

The shadow queen’s rivals are all bankrupt
Other names: 影后的死对头全破产了
Author: Su Nuanse
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2019
Status: Ongoing


Heavenly evil star Ye Lone star choked to death after drinking water, and he crossed to the human world with the same name, Ye Lone star. He was still an eighteen-line artist with scandal all over the sky. Ye Guxing expressed dislike and determined to counterattack to become a superstar. It’s just that as a evil star, she has been in various conditions all the way, becoming the most unlucky actress.

At the same time, she suffered from various accidents without injury or death, and became the most fateful actress. If someone is mentally retarded to bully her, then reward you with a little bit of evil spirits and let you have bad luck again and again. If there is brain damage to kill, then you will be cut off and your family will be ruined. …


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