Overbearing uncle, please flirt!

The killer queen has got a chance to live her life again, but two things scare her… One is when master Jue flirts with her. He is so hot that she has no idea how to turn him down! The other is master Jue’s huge cannon. The moment she gets close, the fuse is blown. “Little uncle, we are both decent people. Please don’t flirt with me!” But Wei Hanjue simply twitches his lips and says: “Guess thats not how I define myself.”
Title: Overbearing uncle, please flirt!
Alternative name: 霸道小叔,请轻撩!, Domineering uncle, please take care!
Author: ink ink Grief
Genre: Modern Romance, novel
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 1806+
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“What’s all this…”

An Yun scanned the room all decorated in pink, and the corners of his mouth were filled with undisguised disgust.

Even if all the aesthetics in front of you are from yourself ten years ago!

She clearly remembered that she used a sniper rifle at the target of this assassination mission, but in the next second, she was lying on a pink princess bed made of lace!

Is this going to kill her? !

My mother is busy killing people!

Although it has been three days since I came back, An Yun still feels unreal!

This is not the era she is familiar with-the era of her killer queen!

That’s right, she’s back, back ten years ago, she is eighteen years old…

no longer the frightening female killer!

It’s back to the girl who was bullied ten years ago!

This is her home, the only legacy her parents left to their sisters-a villa worth tens of millions, nothing else.

However, in the previous life, the second uncle and the third uncle forced the transfer of the house to their names, and after that, it was the beginning of all her suffering…

An Yun clenched his fists, and a pair of clear eyes burst out even before her. Perceived Ling Ling’s sharp eyes.

Yes, I am getting used to it, and she is about to forget that she has had such a time when she was slaughtered.

After all, she has not been bullied for many years

And just as An Jun was thinking about it, suddenly a bunch of car lights lit up at the entrance of the manor. Because of the light facing each other, An Jun could not see the license plate number, and could only vaguely distinguish it was a Hummer off-road vehicle with a military license plate.

An Yun knew that only his younger uncle Wei Hanjue was able to come and go freely at this time!

At the thought of the name Wei Hanjue, An Yun frowned slightly-the uncle at this time shouldn’t be that scary

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