Chapter 8 The stubble frame is the best

“You…do you dare to hit me?!” The Encore stared at An Yun incredulously, a pair of flushed eyes burning with anger.

An Yun bends down slightly, so close that Encore can see his eyes clearly!

An Jun’s eyes are clear and bright, but with a cold smile, which makes people instantly creepy.

“Move out from here honestly, don’t provoke me!”

Encore’s eyes widened by the frightening aura on An Yun’s body. For a moment, she even felt that An Yun wanted to…kill!

Abandoning these words, An Yun straightened up and turned and walked towards his room, but the thin back still gave people a powerful and terrifying feeling.


And at this moment, two slender figures stood outside the huge French windows, and a black military Hummer parked not far away.

Gong Jun looked at An Yun who had already turned upstairs with some surprise. He didn’t expect that Miss An, who has always been gentle and well-behaved, had such a side…

Thinking of this, Gong Jun subconsciously looked at Wei Hanjue.

A handsome, sculpted profile face, indifferent without the slightest emotion.

“Lord Sir…”

Gong Jun whispered subconsciously. Originally they had already left, but Sir Alex asked him to come back specially for fear that Miss Ann would suffer.

However, it now seems unnecessary.

“Check who has this girl been in contact with during this time?”

“Yes, Sir Alex!” Gong Jun nodded quickly.

Wei Hanjue glanced in the direction where An Yun left, then turned and left. Jiuzhou Chinese

At this time, the second aunt of the An’s family cursed An Yun, and any foul language went out of his head. If An Jianbang had not been pulling it by, I am afraid that the second aunt would have rushed to An Yun’s room.

“Okay, is there enough trouble?! Hurry up and pack things!” An Jianbang gritted his teeth and roared, and the hall that had been messed up into a pot of porridge suddenly became silent.

“Jianbang, don’t this matter?! That’s so cheap, that damn girl!?” The second aunt wiped her face unwillingly, and said in hate.

An Jianbang’s eyes flashed ruthlessly, “Don’t worry, I can’t spare that dead girl!”

In An Jianbang’s view, an An Yun is not to be feared, and the one who really fears is Sir Alex!

However, Sir Alex could protect that girl for a while, but he could not protect her for a lifetime! The eldest son An Kebin and the dead girl are in the same school, it is too easy to deal with her!

An Yun was packing his schoolbags at the moment, and turned a deaf ear to the curses in the hall.

She was expecting her second aunt and the others to come up and find themselves to settle the accounts. She was the best at it!

——She has a hundred ways to make the other person unable to get up!

It’s just that there was a noise downstairs for a while, and then it stopped, leaving only the sound of moving.

An Yun didn’t worry about the second and third uncles moving away some things that shouldn’t be removed. If they really have such shallow eyelids, it would be more convenient for her to let her uncle take care of them!

An Yun is concentrating on packing her schoolbags. Now that she has returned to ten years ago, she naturally wants to do what she should do now!

If it is said that for the killer queen ten years later, there is something that makes her regrettable, it is that she was admitted to Jindu University that year, but dropped out of school to work for An Qing to go to school.

An Jun glanced at the calendar on the table, with a line of red characters written on it-there are thirty-eight days before the college entrance examination!

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