Chapter 7 There is another person who has no face to stay here

An Yun let out a long sigh of relief when he watched the black domineering Hummer vehicle go away.

I have to say that facing a great god like Wei Hanjue is indeed very stressful, and if you are not careful, you may be shot by the great god without even scum…

but An Yun is not afraid, it is remarkable to lose this identity. Happy go, so back to her killer queen ……


of waiting Yun back to the house when settled already deserted.

Although it is said that this villa is under the name of An Yun, the two uncles and third uncles of Anjia already regard it as their home.

Except for the rooms of An Jun and An Qing, their belongings are almost everywhere.

If you want to clean up, some of them are busy!

At this time, An Qing was busy and sweating to help move things. He looked up and saw An Yun standing in the hall with a leisurely expression, and his face suddenly sank.

The Encore person was carrying the big box containing all her clothes with An Qing, but Anqing stayed on the spot abruptly. The Encore person continued to walk forward. The huge box hit Anqing’s waist unexpectedly, and Anqing hurt With a shout, he almost unconsciously released the big box in his hand.

Hearing a’pop’, the big box fell heavily to the ground, and a lot of clothes inside were scattered, while the Encore was lying on the big box with a look of embarrassment, staring at An Qing with anger. “Sister Qingqing, what are you doing?”

An Qing hurriedly endured the pain in her waist and went forward to help An Keren, but looked at An Yun, and said coldly, “I see the eldest sister is back…” When Anker heard that An Yun came back, he didn’t care about the clothes sprinkled on the ground. He quickly got up from the ground, and his sharp angry voice suddenly sounded, “An Yun, you still have the face to come back? !”

An Yun copied his trouser pockets with both hands, a pair of black-and-white eyes slowly looked at the Anker who was standing on the second floor holding the railing, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, “This is my house, and my name is written on the real estate certificate. There is another person here!”

An Qing on the side squeezed his hands subconsciously when he heard the words, feeling that the words just now sounded like he was speaking to himself…

“I… I tore your mouth. !” Anker rolled up his sleeves in a rage, and walked aggressively towards An Yun.

Anker’s name is Keren, but she is not human at all. The weight of one hundred and fifty pounds makes her look round and round. Standing in front of the slender An Yun, she is simply a super giant.

“You ungrateful thing, it cost my parents so good to you…Look at me not scratching your face!” Anker’s most annoying thing is An Yun’s exquisite appearance, which is different from An’s family, especially his fair skin. Her skin, like porcelain, made her want to scratch with her long nails!

In fact, she is not the only person who has such thoughts with Anker. An Qing condescendingly looks at the menacing Anker, with a glimmer of expectation in her heart. She-also wants to see the scene where An Yun is scratched…

if it is gone. Brother Shang Ming will never look at her again with this face!

Although Anke is two years younger than Anjun, she is taller and bigger, and her strength is not small. Therefore, everyone is standing far away and no one is on the side. Pull the frame forward!

An Yun coldly looked at the Encore who was rushing in anxiously, with his hands still in his trouser pockets. As soon as he raised his foot, he kicked the Encore’s waist fiercely. He only heard the Encore scream and fell heavily. On the ground.

For a moment, the air in the entire hall condensed instantly, and everyone stared at what was happening in front of them, dumbfounded…

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