Chapter 5 How Did You Know Qin Mo

In fact, An Jun didn’t know the affair between An Jianbang, An Jianmin and that Qin Mo. It was only after she became a killer that she knew the truth of the year.

However, she knows Wei Hanjue’s personality. Given his power in Jindu, if he wants to investigate, there is nothing he can’t find out… When

An Yun just wanted to speak, he saw Wei Hanjue suddenly get off the sofa. Shang stood up, his height of 1.9 meters suddenly made people feel like a mountain of pressure, and An Yun stopped abruptly when he reached his lips.

“Second, third, you moved out of Anjia today!”

“Lord!” An Jianbang and An Jianmin almost cried out.

Wei Hanjue’s icy eyes slowly swept toward the two of them, his handsome face slightly sideways, his phoenix eyes were half raised, his eyes were clearly half-curved with a smile, but with a vicious coldness.

“Don’t let me investigate this matter

myself …” An Jianbang and An Jianmin’s faces were instantly pale as paper.

That’s it!

They knew that Wei Hanjue didn’t believe what they said.

However, at this moment, they dare not quibble any more. With Wei Hanjue’s power in Jindu, there is nothing he wants to know about it.

If it is really for Wei Hanjue to investigate, I’m afraid it will be done by then. It is not as simple as just letting them move out of the settlement!

If it weren’t for the

reason that they were brothers… Thinking of this, An Jianbang and An Jianmin collapsed to the ground with limp legs, looking like they were desperate and embarrassed.

Wei Hanjue raised his hand and stroked his suit, his Qinggui and cold eyes glanced lightly at An Qing who was uneasy at the moment.

Finally, his gaze fell on An Yun. U9 e-book

“If you have time, don’t forget to discipline your little sister, don’t make her look so stupid!”

An Qing’s face

turned ashes instantly… An Jun’s mouth raised slightly, but she quickly lowered His eyes suppressed all the emotions in those clear eyes.

“Yes, uncle!”

“You, come out!” Wei Hanjue raised his chin slightly at An Yun.

Before An Jun could react, Wei Hanjue had already taken his long legs and walked out.

When passing by An Jianbang, An Jianmin and others, Wei Hanjue’s footsteps stopped, and a frost-like voice came from everyone’s heads, “Give you half a day!”

” My lord , half a day is too short.” Oh, we are too late…” The second aunt’s voice of pleading and complaining stopped abruptly, only to feel that after being scanned by Wei Hanjue’s icy gaze, the coolness inside made her heart tremble!

Immediately, Wei Hanjue’s gaze fell on An Yun, who was still stunned. He was dressed in a straight suit and a black jacket over his shoulders. He was condescending and honorable. “Come on!”

An Yun took a deep breath. Stepped up to catch up.


“Lord!” Gong Jun saw Wei Hanjue walking quickly from a distance, jumped off the Hummer, and opened the door.

However, when he glanced at An Yun behind Wei Hanjue, Gong Jun was taken aback and blinked blankly-what’s the situation? !

Why did Sir Alex bring a woman here?

At this time, An Yun naturally couldn’t receive the doubt in Gong Jun’s eyes. She was lowering her head and wondering why Wei Hanjue called herself out at this time… Is

he doubting something? !

Wei Hanjue did not get into the car, but leaned against the body of the Hummer, his sharp gaze swept towards An Yun, “Let’s talk about it, how did you know Qin Mo?!”

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