Chapter 4 Isn’t this the coffin without tears?

“Silver-haired man, huh?” Wei Hanjue’s ending voice was picked up, and he glanced casually at An Jianbang and the others.

An Jianbang and An Jianmin only felt cold in their limbs. They never expected Qin Shao to find them secretly, they would be known by the damn girl An Yun, and they were still in front of Wei Han on this occasion. Speak out of Jue’s face!

“You girl, what silver-haired person? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” An Jianbang didn’t dare to look at Wei Hanjue’s eyes at this time, so he could only spread all the anger on An Yun’s body. , That gaze can’t wait to take An Yun off.

“I seem to hear you call him Shao Qin…” An Yun blinked innocently, and his black pupils shone brightly.

Qin Shao? !

The corner of Wei Hanjue’s mouth raised a icy smile, and his handsome face was already ruthless and cold.

It seemed that Qin Mo had changed the route this time and planned to start with the people around him.

It’s just that, even if you want to, the people around him are all his pro-confidence belly, iron and steel, there is no way to start, so Qin Mo chose Anjia people… For

a time, the entire hall seemed to be frozen, almost cold. Can freeze people to death.

An Qing gritted her teeth slightly. Although she didn’t know what happened, she could feel the low pressure atmosphere, so she frowned and looked at An Yun with some dissatisfaction.

Today is obviously my birthday, shouldn’t the original focus be my own? !

However, An Jun chose to confront his second uncle and third uncle at this time. It seemed that it was really like what the third aunt said-not a biological sister, it is different after all!

Thinking of this, An Qing’s eyes became cold when he looked at An Jun.

An Jun naturally noticed the change in An Qing’s gaze, but at this time she no longer cared.

Don’t worry, after finishing the second and third uncle’s house, you will be the next one!

An Yun raised the corner of his mouth slightly. In the previous life, the second uncle and the third uncle caught up with Qin Mo by betraying Wei Hanjue, which made Wei Hanjue suffer a lot.

And this is why Wei Hanjue disappeared when his second uncle and third uncle sold the villa in the last life!

Obviously Wei Hanjue was going to deal with the trouble caused by the betrayal of An Jianbang and An Jianmin during his disappearance!

Of course I also missed the big scene of Anjia!

When Wei Hanjue got rid of Qin Mo and came back again, she was already abroad.

And when I met Wei Hanjue ten years later, the two of them were no longer from the same world

… An

Jianmin’s forehead was constantly oozing sweat, but he was still struggling with his last death. , It’s like this… it’s that Qin Shao… Qin Mo approached us, let us cooperate with him, and promised to solve the Jindu account for us, but we did not promise him!”

“Oh?!” Wei

Hanjue’s final voice is picked up, his slender legs are slightly folded, and his eyes are stained with coldness, “Really?” “Yes, yes, yes…” An Jianmin seems to have caught the last help. Straw, nodding busy.

An Yun frowned subconsciously, then glanced at Wei Hanjue sideways, and saw a trace of cruelty and coldness on his handsome and handsome face, which made him relieved.

She is not a fool!

Want to be fooled?

No way! Love my e-book

Wei Hanjue ‘s eyes are gloomy.

In the past few days, he has noticed that Qin Mo’s attack on him is a bit tougher than before, and it has really caused some trouble for himself.

He had previously suspected that the people around him had leaked his whereabouts, which allowed Qin Mo to have a series of actions against him.

However, he never expected this person to be An Jianbang and An Jianmin!

It seems that the phrase’doumien, bear the mistress’ is really correct!

Some people are unfamiliar white-eyed wolves after all!

Thinking of this, Wei Hanjue’s face, as beautiful as a god, flashed a bit of cruel and coldness quickly, but it was fleeting.

As for the words that the girl An Yun said just now…

Wei Hanjue pursed his thin lips, but he still needs an explanation

Thinking of this, Wei Hanjue’s eyes finally fell on the side of the gloomy one. On An Qing’s body, the black eyes were so cold and calm that people couldn’t see the slightest emotion.

“Are you An Qing?!” As

soon as Wei Hanjue’s words fell, almost everyone’s eyes turned towards An Qing, including An Yun.

An Yun’s slender eyebrows wrinkled slightly, as if he couldn’t figure out why Wei Hanjue would pick this time to talk to An Qing.

And An Qing was depressed at the moment that his birthday atmosphere was so bad, but thinking that in the evening, Brother Shang Ming would come to celebrate his birthday, and she felt more comfortable.

But in the next second, I heard that uncle, who was as precious as a god, was talking to himself!

An Qing was excited on Xiafei’s cheeks at the moment, but still forced herself to look at Wei Hanjue with the most cute and pleasant expression, “Uncle, I am An Qing!”

“What do you think about the talent just now?”

Wei Han Jue leaned back on the sofa, although it was just a random movement performed by Wei Hanjue, it was extraordinarily elegant and free and easy.

An Qing suppressed the excitement in his heart, and subconsciously glanced at his two uncles, three uncles and others with a nervous look on his face, and then looked at An Yun.

However, at this moment, An Yun seems to be lowering his head thinking about something, and her long black hair is sprinkled softly on her shoulders, making An Yun’s white and soft skin look like a good oil, which makes people unable to resist. I want to reach out and touch!

There was a flash of jealousy in An Qing’s eyes. Her skin is always very poor, and she is prone to acne if she is not careful. Compared with An Yun’s skin like mutton jade, An Qing’s face is simply pitted. .

Before, An Qing had always wondered why they were twins, but their skin types were so different. More importantly, they didn’t look alike at all!

But since the third aunt told her a secret, she knew everything…

Thinking of this, An Qing’s eyes flashed, as if she had made a certain decision.

“Uncle, I believe the second and third uncles, they absolutely can’t do anything to betray the uncle! As for what the older sister said…is there any misunderstanding in this?!” An Qing subconsciously opened the corner of his eyes. An innocent look seemed more convincing.

Hearing this, An Jianbang and An Jianmin nodded in a hurry, “Yes, Sir, we are brothers… We will never betray you…”

Did An Jianbang dare to call Wei Hanjue brothers? , Just patted his chest-breast, his face was awe-inspiring.

An Yun sneered secretly, is this not seeing the coffin without crying? !

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