Chapter 3 Men with Silver Hair, Huh?

“Yes, I said, don’t intervene!” Wei Hanjue’s voice was cold, as always, cherishing words like gold.

An Yun grinned, revealing two neat rows of small white teeth. His skin was fair and delicate, and he could even see the tiny hairs. The beautiful thin lips were slightly raised, unspeakably naughty.

Wei Hanjue raised his brow slightly, and suddenly felt that the little girl in front of him seemed to be different from before!

At this moment, An’s second aunt and third aunt’s eyes flushed red, wishing to rush to An Yun at this moment and tear that girl’s mouth apart. However, due to Wei Hanjue’s coercion, they could only An Yun stared at An Yun with eyes full of anger, anxiously angry.

And Ankeren and An lovely two stared at An Yun with a look of resentment. If it weren’t for the terrible little uncle named Ferguson, they would definitely rush on to scratch An Yun’s face with blood. Up!

“Junjun, what are you talking about?!” An Jianbang frowned and stared at An Yun with majesty.

The third uncle An Jianmin, who had never spoken from the side, pursed his lips. Even though he was not lightly spoken by An Yun’s words at this moment, his tone was still as focused and heartened as ever.

“Junyun, it’s really not the second uncle and the third uncle forcing you. As long as you transfer the house to me and your third uncle, you can solve the household registration. If you really don’t trust us, we can set up a note for you. At that time, I will return the house to you after I have

settled down …” An Jianbang subconsciously wanted to retort after hearing this. He didn’t just want Jindu’s residence registration, but also this villa. Going back again, this will never work!

This villa can only be his!

However, before he could speak, An Jianmin gave him a fierce look. Only then did An Jianbang swallow what he said unwillingly.

An Qing, who had been silent for a long time, looked at An Yun with a look of surprise. Seeing that the atmosphere in the whole hall suddenly became depressed, he pursed his lips and did not speak again.

For some reason, she felt that her sister suddenly became stranger.

Did you start to drive away the two uncles and uncles? !

This is a world of difference from the fool who digs his heart and lungs before…

An Yun looked down at his nails, and the pink-tender-tender nails made An Yun’s hands white and soft. “Second uncle, third uncle, I remember when you were in Jindu, you just said that renting a house is not convenient to borrow for a period of time. Moreover, your second uncle just said that the younger brothers and sisters are almost going to college, and they are all older children. Together, it’s really inconvenient…” An

Jianbang gritted his teeth. An Yun and An Qing are now in their third year of high school. If nothing happens, they will be able to go to university in a few months. This villa is empty and empty, why is it inconvenient? !

What’s more, just because the children are older, they have to rush to solve the housing problem, as well as Jindu’s hukou!

Thinking of this, An Jianbang frowned and said sternly, “You and Qingqing have always lived in school. Why is it inconvenient?! You kid, we are all a family. Your sisters have no father and no mother, right? Do you rely on us as uncles?!”

An Yun tilted his head and smiled back from his pupils, leaving only on his face, “It is true that our sisters rely on uncles, but we rely on them from beginning to end. There is only the younger uncle, but there is nothing wrong with the second and third uncles!”

Wei Hanjue put his legs together and turned his face to his side, his eyes dark.

An Yun is very beautiful, especially those bright and clear eyes, like obsidian, that white and soft face can even see those tiny hairs, good skin makes people want to touch…

Perhaps it was because Wei Hanjue’s too much gaze made everyone realize that something was wrong, and then, an angry voice sounded-

” Junjun , you don’t mess around!”

An Jun is still there. With a smile, her eyes narrowed into crescent moons, “I didn’t make a fool of myself!”

-She couldn’t be more serious than now!

“Okay, okay, Lord Jue has finally come here. Since Yunjun is unwilling, let’s not mention it…” An Jianmin’s eyes rolled, his eyes finally fell on An Qing’s body, “Qing Qing Ah, if the third uncle remembers correctly, today is your birthday?!”

Obviously this is to change the subject.

An Qing did not expect that everyone’s topic suddenly fell on her, and Wei Hanjue, who had always been precious and cold, turned his eyes to look at him, his cheeks flushed with excitement, but his tone of voice was still soft and well-behaved as before. , It’s my birthday…”

“Hahaha, it seems I really remembered correctly, Qingqing, happy birthday!” An Jianmin smiled brilliantly, but still couldn’t hide a flash in his eyes The chill passed by.

“Thank you Sanshu!” An Qing was as good as ever, but her eyes floated to Wei Hanjue from time to time.

It would be great if my uncle said a happy birthday to myself… The

second aunt, the third aunt and others immediately surrounded Anqing, and they all wished Anqing a happy birthday, and they kept praising Anqing. , But the insider and the outsider have always belittled An Yun’s’ignorant’.

An Yun’s mouth pulled out a sneer, but it was fleeting.

Wei Hanjue’s cold gaze turned to An Yun, and his narrow and cold eyes carried a little inquisition. His handsome face was matched with a straight suit, which was indescribably noble and luxurious.

As if he noticed Wei Hanjue’s gaze, An Yun looked back, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, “Uncle, there is something I think I should tell you…”

However, before An Yun could speak again, An Jianmin, who had been paying attention to An Yun’s movements, changed his usual temperament and taught An Yun with a righteous expression, “Jun Yun! What are you doing! What are you doing? My child, I’m so naive, do you say that your brother-in-law helps us less on weekdays? Why do you always want to trouble your brother-in-law!” An

Jianmin frowned, obviously not wanting An Yun to speak again .

In his opinion, this niece has always been good at talking. Since the hard one is not good, then use the soft one. Be sure to make her niece nod obediently!

However, Wei Hanjue must not be involved in this matter…

absolutely not!

However, An Yun obviously knew An Jianmin’s thoughts, he curled his lips and said coldly, “Second Uncle, Third Uncle, in fact, I know that your hukou has been settled, as the uncle with dyed silver hair said, After a while, the

Jindu account will be resolved…” Death silence.

Everyone looked at Wei Hanjue with their gazes, their faces panicked.

“An Yun, what nonsense are you talking about?!” An Jianbang only felt cold sweat rushing out of every pore, and his entire back was soaked with cold sweat!

Before An Jianbang could finish speaking, Wei Hanjue waved his hand, and his cold, stern eyes glanced at the crowd lightly, his voice was low and hoarse, but it was still a mess of sex.

“Man with silver hair, huh?”

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