Chapter 20: Young Master Wei is Here!

“No, no, I was talking nonsense. It was all made up of a bitch like An Yun…” Xu Shangming went to catch An Yun angrily, his flushed eyes were vicious.

An Yun stepped back slightly, Xu Shangming suddenly rushed into the air, and his whole body slammed into the desk uncontrollably, and his mouth just hit the corner of the table. For a while, red blood poured out from the wound, and soon his chest -The front clothes are dyed red.

“Xu Shangming, An Qing, and An Yun, follow me to the office!” A sharp and majestic voice sounded in the classroom.

An Qing’s face turned pale after a brush, and she slumped directly on the ground.

There was only one thought in her mind… and

that was– she was done!

Completely finished!

For ten years ago when the Internet was still underdeveloped, all information was passed on through word of mouth. For a time, the dog-blood drama of Xu Shangming, An Qing, and An Jun spread almost like a hurricane throughout the school.

Although the teachers of Jindu No. 1 Middle School tried their best to suppress the raging rumors, how could they manage the thousands of mouths in the school!

All of a sudden, Jindu No. 1 Middle School’s reputation was hit unprecedentedly.

Even some parents have come to see their children at school, for fear that there will be a second Anqing.

That’s right, An Qing’s reputation was completely ruined.

As the victim of this incident from beginning to end, An Yun received the unanimous sympathy of his classmates, and the reputation of An Yun’s “back chasing women” gradually faded.

In the end, Jindu No.1 Middle School made the decision to expel Xu Shangming and An Qing, and the rumors spreading, this gradually subsided.

As the college entrance examination is approaching, and in order to suppress the spread of bad rumors, the school temporarily decided to advance the monthly exam a week later.

After receiving this news, the classroom was suddenly full of grief.

At this time, there is a popular saying—testing, the teacher’s magic weapon; dividing points, the life-roots of students.

An Jun is naturally also concerned about the results of this monthly test. After all, according to her previous level, she has always been in the top ten of the class. For An Jun, who is reborn after ten years, has added ten years of experience in the world. She also wanted to see her current strength. 29GG Novel

“Wow, did I have hallucinations? Who is that ?! ” ” Damn, Master

Lu, why is he here?!”

“Ah, so handsome…”

“I knew that the monthly test would definitely be able to summon a great god! Even Lu Qi is here, do you think Shao Wei will come too?!”

“Don’t be kidding, how could Shao Wei come to school, his classroom and examination room? It has always been arranged outside the school…”

“What a pity, there are only two handsome guys in our class…”

Lu Qi! ?

Hearing the discussion behind him, An Yun almost raised his head subconsciously, and his eyes

met those gentle and beautiful peach eyes… “Hey, An An, we meet again!” Lu Qi wore a blue and white Jindu Yizhong The school uniform and schoolbag were cool and flung over his shoulders, and he walked to An Yun with a smile.

“Have you cut your hair?!” An Yun’s gaze fell on Lu Qi’s short hair.

Lu Qi couldn’t help grinning. He was very useful to An Yun’s familiar and direct way of talking. He opened the chair with one hand and sat down, and touched his short stiff hair with the other hand. “No way, the dean at the door is not Let in!”

An Yun had an epiphany.

“Hey, how did An Jun know Master Lu?”

“Looking at his two expressions, they seem to be familiar…”

And when An Jun was laughing and laughing with Lu Qi, the original whispering voice suddenly disappeared. The man looked at the door with his eyes wide open, as if he could not believe his eyes.

What day is today? !

Is this going to make them explode collectively? !

Shao Wei? !

Shao Wei… Shao Wei is here!

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