Chapter 2 Uncle, you said you don’t interfere

An Jianbang and An Jianmin were secretly relieved when they heard that Wei Hanjue didn’t care about this, and they all cast their eyes on An Yun who was standing at the moment.

“Junjun, Qingqing, you two stand so far apart, your second uncle has something to discuss with your two sisters!” An Jianbang tried his best to squeeze out a gentle face, and his turbid blue eyes narrowed. Up a line.

An Qing subconsciously looked at An Jun, but at this time An Jun was looking at her second uncle with a calm face, and there was no chance to look at An Qing, which made An Qing feel a sense of depression.

“Second Uncle, what’s the matter?” An Qing said with a cunning expression.

An Jianbang grinned, but his eyes kept staring at An Yun, “Yes, you know, your younger brothers and sisters are about to graduate from high school, our Jindu’s key university, the grades are On the one hand, you must have a local household registration…”

“This house is in the name of the eldest sister. I have no objection. I still have to listen to the eldest sister…” An Qing looked at An Yun with a cunning face, and then set himself In the position of an outsider.

An Yun raised the corner of his mouth slightly, as expected, the same as the rhetoric of the previous life!

In the previous life, An Jianbang and An Jianmin forcibly transferred the real estate in her hands to their names based on this reason, and thus naturally owned Jindu accounts.

Less than a month later, An Kebin, the second uncle An Jianbang’s only son, stabbed someone to death outside of the school. At this time, Wei Hanjue, who had been providing living expenses for his family, suddenly disappeared at this time and his family was abandoned. The only income that depends on survival.

To An Jun never expected that An Jianbang would actually sell the villa transferred to his name, and drove their sisters out of Anjia!

The homeless An Jun had to drop out of school to work in order to provide for An Qing to study.

However, in the end, she did not expect that she would ruin her future and confess a white-eyed wolf!

In the second year An Jun dropped out of school to work, An Qing turned gorgeously into the eldest lady of the top wealthy Fu family. From then on, An Qing began to torture and frame herself by any means, and An Jun, in order to escape An Qing’s calculations, She could only go abroad, and she eventually became the terrifying killer queen…

An Yun’s eyes flashed with cold light, her eyes calmed down and turned into a bottomless depth.

So, does she have to thank her dear sister?

It’s just that, even now, she doesn’t know why An Qing killed herself!

And just at this moment, the keen nerves trained by being a killer made An Yun notice a scorching sight, and An Yun subconsciously raised his eyes and just hit a pool of deep and biting eyes.

Wei Hanjue!

An Yun’s back tightened, and his eyes lowered subconsciously, but a scene of Wei Hanjue confessing to him appeared in his mind, faintly feeling that the tips of his ears were hot…

Sure enough, Sir Alex’s beauty is really indigestible for several lifetimes!

Amitabha, sex is zero, Kongjishise ……


head down Ann Yun effort, forced himself to ignore things on a lifetime – after all, when Wei Han Jue confession with her, when she was twenty-eight years old!

In other words, what Wei Hanjue likes is the style with the charm of 28!

And he is only eighteen years old now, and I want to come to Wei Hanjue to look down on such tenderness!

A great god like Wei Hanjue can only watch from a distance, not to play with it.

Wei Hanjue frowned slightly, only seeing the two red ears exposed by An Yun.


Seeing that An Jun hadn’t said a word for a long time, An Jianbang, who was already impatient, urged, “Junjun, look, we are all a family, your parents are gone, two Uncle and third uncle are the closest people to your sisters. Don’t worry, as long as you can help uncle solve the problem of hukou, the second uncle will never forget you!” 59shuku

“Yes, yes, you two Uncle is right, Junjun, and third uncle will be hello too!” An Jianmin also said quickly.

An Yun sneered in her heart, but she didn’t show it at all.

nice to me?

Okay get me out? ! Regardless of my life or death? !

For An Yun, who is already used to calling the wind and calling the rain, she will never show mercy to such a group of ungrateful white-eyed wolf relatives!

If it is not cleaned up immediately, is it possible to stay for the New Year? !


“Yunjun, can you tell me something! This kid…” An Jianbang said with a grotesque expression, but fine beads of perspiration had already leaked from his forehead, and he was obviously anxious.

However, An Yun’s gaze at this moment passed An Jianbang and fell directly on Wei Hanjue’s body.

Wei Hanjue raised his eyebrows.

“Uncle, you just said that you don’t interfere with today’s affairs…” An Yun’s tone was calm, and his clear eyes shone with dazzling brilliance.

Wei Hanjue’s narrow and bright phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and the lazy and cold breath instantly exploded, “I said…”

An Yun grinned, and the sweet and soft breath that belongs to the girl oozes out a little bit, it can be said. Every word seemed to be cast steel, and it slammed on the ground with a sound, “Second uncle and third uncle, move out!”

An Yun’s face was smiling, but what he said made the whole hall instantly freeze. For a while, everyone’s eyes were cast towards An Yun, their faces full of disbelief.

No one expected that An Yun would directly open his mouth to rush people!

The villa where An Jia currently lives is under the name of An Jun. At the beginning, An Jianbang and An Jianmin came to join their families, saying it was temporary help, but they lived there for three years!

Wei Hanjue raised his head to look at An Yun, causing An Yun’s back to burst into a chill unexpectedly.

“Are you driving people, huh?” Wei Hanjue’s last word is slightly hooked, with a trace of horror that can not be ignored, and he is not angry.

Wei Hanjue was enlisted in the army at the age of eighteen. Ten years of military career gave him a cold and sharp coercive aura, and this majesty was not revealed, as heavy as a mountain, and extremely oppressive, like The heavy knife broke out of the sheath, it was a real murderous intent, and when he glanced at it, it was like a big chunk of his chest was blasted away.

As a result, no one in the entire hall dared to look at Wei Hanjue’s eyes.

Of course, except for An Yun!

An Jun stood with his back straight in front of Wei Hanjue, staring directly at Wei Hanjue, without avoiding it.

She knew that the only thing she could count on was the high-ranking uncle in front of her. As long as the uncle was on her side, everyone in the settlement would not dare to embarrass themselves!

Thinking of this, An Yun pouted a rare moment, and a pair of bright eyes flashed with grievances, “Uncle, you said you didn’t interfere!”

Wei Hanjue’s beautiful thin lips hooked slightly, a pair of crystals. The bright and narrow phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, it was obvious that he was really interested, but the coldness of his body remained undiminished.

But… Sir Alex laughed? !

Everyone stared with shocked faces.

They have never seen Ferguson laugh!

This…what’s the situation? !

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