Chapter 19 This pair of Gou men and women are too good!

The squad leader got up reluctantly, and then walked towards the back door.

Xu Shangming didn’t expect An Yun to dare to call the teacher. His handsome face was distorted and horrible, and he could no longer care about the image. He walked to An Yun in three steps and two steps, and said sharply, “It’s you Spreading about me and An Qing everywhere?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have that leisurely mind !” An Yun closed the textbook in his hand, and said calmly.

Xu Shangming couldn’t help but his face sank, thinking of the pitiful appearance of An Qing crying in his arms just now, the anger in his heart became more and more unbearable!

“An Yun, let me tell you, this look of you really makes me sick, I really regret that I promised to fall in love with you!” Xu Shangming gritted his teeth and said the most vicious words, obviously even he had forgotten it. Pursue An Jun for three years.

An Yun sneered, “I really regret not watching An Qing, let her turn around and take a bite of shit when I was not paying attention!”


Someone couldn’t help but burst into laughter, his stomach cramping while covering his mouth.

Hahaha, An Yun’s words are really damn-fucking!

“You…you…” Xu Shangming’s face flushed with angrily, and before the fist he just clenched, he heard a familiar voice from behind him.

“Xu Shangming?! What are you doing!?”

Everyone subconsciously followed the prestige, and when they saw the incoming person, they were suddenly excited.

Damn, it’s Anqing!

Now that everyone has gathered, the cliff is a war of the century!

Xu Shangming wanted to speak subconsciously, but An Qing had already walked over quickly and shielded An Yun behind him, “Don’t bully my sister!”

Xu Shangming suddenly stunned.

Xu Shangming was not the only one who was shocked, but everyone who was waiting for a good show was shocked…

What happened?

Isn’t it a battle?

How did it become a sisterly relationship? !

I rub!

Xu Shangming had a very close relationship with An Qing, and he quickly realized what An Qing meant and quickly changed another face.

“An Qing, I really like you, but An Yun even spread the two of us behind her back… She is simply not worthy to be your sister!”

Xu Shangming’s words just fell, the whole classroom Suddenly his eyes widened.

Xu Shangming likes Anqing?

An Yun spread rumors? !

Damn, the plot turns!

An Qing was already a dramatist at this time, staring at Xu Shangming stubbornly, “You nonsense, my sister wouldn’t do that kind of thing!”

An Yun pinched his eyebrows with a dumbfounded expression of crying, —— these dogs. Men and women are so good!

“What? It turns out that everything was done by chasing after the girl An Yun. It’s disgusting!”

” Yes , it’s disgusting. It’s too shameless to frame my sister for a man!

” This is really a dog-blood drama where love becomes hate…”

Listening to the voices coming from all around, a trace of triumph rose in An Qing’s eyes, but it was fleeting.

“That’s right, I did tell you about An Qing’s relationship with you…” An Yun curled his lips slightly.

“You finally admitted it!” Xu Shangming’s eyes gleamed.

“But, do you have to tell me clearly when did An Qing abort?”

“What?!” Xu Shangming could not help but was taken aback, couldn’t believe his ears.

An Yun couldn’t help but sneered. “Have you two hooked up a long time ago? An Qing is even pregnant…”

“Don’t spit, how can An Qing become pregnant? An Qing and I only went there last night. The bed, she obviously still…” Xu Shangming’s angry voice stopped abruptly, his eyes met An Yun’s bright smiling eyes…

and An Qing’s panicked eyes…

it’s just that , This was not what made Xu Shangming the most devastating…

Until he caught a glimpse of the class teacher standing at the back door of the classroom with a cold face, he was completely dumbfounded…

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