Chapter 17 Don’t set up an archway!

After coming out of the billiard hall, An Yun went back to the dormitory directly, standing outside the familiar and unfamiliar dormitory building, watching the students coming and going downstairs, An Yun only found the feeling of ten years ago.

She is now a high school senior who is about to take the college entrance examination, not the killer who walks in the dark all day long!

Because there was no one in the dormitory, An Yun slept very fragrantly this night, and did not get up until after 7 o’clock in the morning the next day.

After a simple meal, An Jun began to review his homework. After all, the college entrance examination was about to be done, so there was no room for relaxation.

It’s just that some people don’t want An Jun to read.

“Sister! Why did you lock the door at home without saying a word?! My school uniform and schoolbag homework are still at home!” An Qing rushed in, wearing a white lace dress. An Qing is more delicate and delicate.

An Qing and An Jun are twins, so they are not only in the same grade, in the same class, but in the same dormitory.

Therefore, when An Qing came in aggressively, the other four girls in the dormitory all looked up at the two sisters.

what happened?

An Jun locked An Qing out of the door? !

An Yun squinted his eyes slightly, not knowing if it was an illusion, but always felt that the pimples on An Qing’s face seemed a lot less…

Was it moisturized by Xu Shangming?

Tsk tusk tusk…

An Qing was taken aback by the unexplained smile on An Jun’s face, and touched her face subconsciously. The tentacles were smooth as silk, which was many times better than normal skin.

“I remember that when you dated Xu Shangming, you didn’t seem to be wearing this dress!” An Yun raised her fine eyebrows and looked at An Qing with a smile.

An Qing’s face suddenly changed.

At this time, the other four girls in the dormitory looked at An Qing with shock.

They heard it right, right?

An Qing is dating…Xu Shangming?

Isn’t Xu Shangming An Yun’s boyfriend? !

Moreover, it seems that I didn’t go home all day and night, and changed clothes during the period…


There is an adulterous love!

For a while, the four girls in the dormitory also ignored the reading, and raised their ears with excitement, for fear of missing any explosive information.

“Big sister…what are you talking about? You remembered it wrong…”

At this time, An Qing could no longer explain to everyone why she would date Xu Shangming. She had to change the dress first. Keep things under pressure, otherwise, she will stop being a man in school!

As long as An Qing thinks of doing crazy things with Xu Shangming all night, her tail vertebrae will become numb…

“Oh, is it? This dress is from You Shangku’s spring collection. The price is one. Qianduo, why don’t I remember that you have this set of clothes?” An Yun tilted his head, smiling away from his pupils, leaving only on his face.

An Qing’s face was as pale as paper…

As for why An Yun knew–in fact, she didn’t know anything, and those words just now were completely fabricated

“Ah, it turns out to be true…”

“One thousand An extra dress must be Xu Shangming’s money…”

“Unexpectedly to seduce my sister’s boyfriend… Do you think An Qing and Xu Shangming did that?”

“Is it necessary to ask?! The clothes are changed… and so expensive…”

listen As the girls whispered in the dormitory, An Yun’s mouth raised slightly-in this life, you should also taste the power of gossip!

Now that you are a Biaozi, don’t set up an archway!

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