Chapter 16 Guarantee that An Jun can’t stay in school

At this time, An Jianbang and An Jianmin are worrying about the furniture of the two cars.

Jindu has an inch of gold, the house price has almost soared to tens of thousands of square meters, and the price of rent is no less than five thousand a month.

But An Jianbang and An Jianmin are both unemployed vagrants, although they have also saved a lot of small treasuries with Wei Hanjue in recent years.

But now that they move out of the Anjia villa, all future expenses will be borne by them.

This makes An Jianbang and An Jianmin, who have been accustomed to the life of financial aid, really unacceptable!

“The third child, we don’t really want to rent a house? You look at the house price, it’s tens of thousands of a little bit better… How can this be rented?!” An Jianbang frowned. Tuan, as long as he thinks of letting him pay for the money in the future, he feels like digging his own flesh.

An Jianmin’s complexion was gloomy. If it weren’t for the second idiot, he would ask An Yun to transfer the real estate in front of Sir Alex at all times. How could this matter develop to the present level? !

What an idiot who succeeded less than failed!

“Okay, what can I do now?! I think there is a sticker over there saying one thousand yuan a month, let’s go there and see…” The

so-called house with a rent of one thousand yuan a month naturally has. It’s just a basement, and it’s four floors underground.

After An Jianbang and the others turned around, his face looked bad.

And the Encore and An adorable two people on the side had already quarreled.

“I don’t live in the basement, it’s dirty and smelly, and there is no window! If my classmates know that I live in the basement, then I must be laughed at!” Anker desperately pulled her mother’s arm, Cried and cried.

“Yes, that is, I won’t live, I won’t live if I’m killed!” An lovely simply did it on the ground, splashing around, obviously afraid that she would really live in this kind of place in the future.

You know, the status of her and Anker in the class is not low, all because they live in a villa…

“Okay, shut up!” An Jianmin roared angrily.

The Enkeren and Ancholines, who were still lying on the ground and rolling, suddenly fell silent, but because of their crying too fast, they were hiccuping constantly.

An Jianmin looked upset, thinking about how harmonious his family was when they settled down before. His wife is virtuous and diligent, and his son and daughter are well-behaved and capable. How is it like now?

You still learn from the country girl rolling on the ground? !

“The third child, shall we call Shao Qin? Let him arrange a place for us. We were kicked out by Sir Alex this time. It is all because of him. He is responsible…” An Jianbang looked at him. He was indignant. Obviously he had regretted that he had promised Qin Mo to confide in the news. Otherwise, he is still living in a large villa of more than 300 square meters!

Where is it like now, not even a place to live? !

An Jianmin pursed his lips, a little drumming in his heart. He didn’t want An Jianbang to do things without thinking about it. He knew that a character like Qin Mo was definitely not easy to provoke. If one is not careful, he might not even know about death. How dead…


Seeing An Jianmin frowned, An Jianbang was suddenly anxious. He simply took out his mobile phone and pressed a series of numbers, then dialed out immediately.

An Jianmin naturally saw An Jianbang’s actions, but subconsciously opened his mouth, but did not say anything.

“Hey…that, Shao Qin, it’s me, An Jianbang!”

A warm but noble voice came from the other end of the phone, “Oh, it’s Mr. An, what can I do for you?” Web

An Jianbang took a deep breath, thinking of Qin Shao’s attitude towards him before, and he felt emboldened, “So what… Qin Shao… Sir Alex knows that we secretly contacted you, hey, all Blame my eldest niece, who didn’t know when the dead girl saw it, she ran to the

Lord Sir and said…” “Wei Hanjue knows?!” Qin Mo’s voice suddenly sank, and the cold breath instantly made people’s minds. trembling.

An Jianbang felt a chill in his back for a moment, and swallowed fiercely, “Yes… Yeah, Sir Alex has driven us out… We are on the street now, there is no place to live… Qin Shao, you Can you…”

Qin Mo coldly snorted, “It’s up to me, don’t contact me in the future…”

Then, An Jianbang heard a beep sound of the phone hanging up.

“Damn it!” An Jianbang gripped his phone tightly and yelled, “This villain who

crossed the river and demolished the bridge!” An Jianmin’s face was gloomy, obviously he had expected it to be so.

Qin Mo, among the younger generation of Jindu, is the only person who can contend with Sir Alex, not just the young man who is enthusiastic about them.

That’s someone who is useful to him and deserves the treatment.

But once it’s useless, he is the Shao Qin who made the whole Jin scared!

The current An Jianmin regrets it very much, and he agreed to cooperate with Qin Mo.

Otherwise, now, the villa that settled down must still be in their name, and there is no need to worry about Jindu’s household registration.

Where is it like now… An

Jianmin looked at the dirty and messy community environment not far away, but felt that his intestines were going to be regretful!

“Damn, it’s all the dead girl An Yun…” An Jianbang gritted his teeth and flipped through the phone book, and found the elder son An Kebin’s number and called.

At this time, An Kebin was playing in an Internet cafe with a group of friends and friends. The phone rang suddenly, which shocked An Kebin. When he was about to scold someone, he saw that it was An Jianbang’s phone, so he pressed it impatiently. Turn on key.

“Hey, Dad, why are you calling me at this time? I’m studying in the library!” An Kebin held a cigarette in one hand while fiddled with the mouse, while the phone was held between his ears and shoulders.

Hupengouyou on the side suffocated a smile, winking at An Kebin—the library? !

——They don’t even know where the door of the library opens. They are still studying in the library? It’s so ridiculous!

“Ke Bin, that damn girl An Yun drove me and your third uncle out, you have to clean up that dead girl An Yun, it is best to let her go to school without a face!” An Jianbang said furiously, wishing her Now let An Jun kneel in front of him.

It’s just that An Kebin’s attention is obviously not An Yun at this time…

“What? You were kicked out?! Why didn’t you tear An Yun that slut on the spot?!” An Kebin’s face was incredulous. Jun, who is chasing after the girl? !

Who gave her the courage!

“That dead girl doesn’t have that ability, it’s…your uncle, Lord Sir, he drove us out…but it’s all to blame on that dead girl An Yun…” An Jianbang didn’t dare to complain about Wei Hanjue. Can only transfer the full of hatred to An Yun’s body.

Naturally, An Jianbang would not tell An Kebin about Qin Mo’s affairs. He just said that for the purpose of his household registration, he wanted An Yun to temporarily transfer the villa to their name. An Yun refused, and even asked for it. They drive away.

“Dad, don’t worry, leave this to me, and I promise that An Yun can’t stay in school!”

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