Chapter 15 Send someone to protect An Yun

“What kind of table?” Wei Chuan frowned slightly—what the hell! ?

An Yun didn’t talk to the guard again, and pursed his thin lips to look at Lu Qi, “Go, let’s discuss how to make a spin ball!” When

Lu Qi heard it, his eyes lit up, “Go, go, I have one. Put on a good club, I’ll take you to try the feel…”

Wei Chuan raised his brows slightly-a good club? Are you sure it’s not the pole I put here? !

Looking at An Yun and Lu Qi walking away side by side, the fat man and the handsome boy on the side looked at each other dumbfounded, and then cast their gazes at Wei Chuan.

“Shao Wei, the girl said it was yours…at the same table?!”

Wei Chuan’s deep eyes narrowed, “Fatty, pack my things and move back to the dormitory!”

“Ah?!” Fatty’s eyes instantly Staring round.

“It’s a pity not to go to school with such a tablemate…” Wei Chuan’s eyes showed a slight chill.

Fatty: …

Handsome and cute boy: …

Uuuu, Wei Shao looks so scared! ! !

Actually, the people who are really interested in An Yun are not only Wei Chuan, but also Wei Hanjue. He is sitting on a solid black leather sofa seat with two shirt buttons open, revealing a strong chest. The black and hard hair is like splashed ink, and he looks cold and abstinent, as if every inch of breath is clamoring for sex, which makes people can’t help but scream.

Gong Jun stood aside respectfully, even deliberately suppressing the intensity of his breathing. Read the book

It’s no wonder that Sir Alex Ferguson was angry. The two brothers An Jianbang and An Jianmin dared to say anything. If Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t prepare in advance this time, he would be beaten by Qin Mo!

Gong Jun only needs to think about the situation of Sir Alex if Qin Mo’s strategy is successful this time…

But fortunately, fortunately, they have already known the conspiracy in advance, and before Qin Mo’s attack, they will reduce all losses. To the lowest…While

Gong Jun secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he couldn’t help being grateful to the eldest lady in Anjia…

“Lord, I’m sorry, this time I was negligent…” Gong Jun took a deep breath and asked in a deep voice. Said, “How to deal with the brothers An Jianbang and An Jianmin?!”

“Don’t they want Jindu ‘s hukou? Do they want to stay in Jindu in the future? Then let them not mix in Jindu !” Wei Hanjue’s eyes were indifferent, but every word he said made Gong Jun tremble.

Sir Sir… is really angry!

“Also, let you investigate what the girl has been in contact with recently. Have you checked it out?” Wei Hanjue put his legs together and leaned back, unconsciously exuding an aura of laziness, such as Kingly.

“Lord, Miss Ann is about to take the college entrance examination, so she has been in school during this period of time and has not contacted any outsiders, but that day after Sir Alex left, Miss Ann went back to school and she went to see Lu Qi. “…”

“Lu Qi?!” Wei Hanjue’s eyes instantly chilled, “That abandoned son of the Lu family?!”

“Yes!” Gong Jun’s back was cold, “but the two played a game of billiards. And… Master Wei is also there!”

Wei Hanjue pursed his thin lips, and his cold eyes finally returned to the temperature, “If Qin Mo knows that someone has broken his’good thing’, he will definitely not let it go and send someone Protect An Yun!”

Gong Jun’s heart is shocked-Qin Mo will attack Miss An? !

Gong Jun thought of Qin Mo’s usual methods to deal with people, his expression was stern, his back seemed to be poured with steel, with an iron-blooded heroic energy.

“Yes, Sir Alex!”

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