Chapter 14 At the same table, long time no see

After An Yun hit the seventh flower ball into the bag, he propped up the club and looked at Lu Qi. Her clear eyes shone like obsidian, and her fair skin seemed to be able to pinch water out of the sun.

“Do you want me to release the water?!” An Yun squinted and smiled, looking like a satisfying cat.

Lu Qi let out a cold snort from his nostrils.

An Yun gave a low laugh, and then he bends down and sets up the pole… Only after

hearing a’pop’, the black ball 8 rolled towards the net bag under the impact of the cue ball, followed by the sound of entering the bag.

“Damn, this girl is so awesome, I didn’t let Old Qi take action from start to finish!” The Fatty exclaimed excitedly, “Old Qi still used this trick to deal with Shao Wei before, it’s really a Feng Shui turn…”

Wei Chuan raised his eyes carelessly, with a cold light in his eyes, “Why? You still need to take out this kind of thing and say it again?!” The

fat man became stiff, and only felt that his scalp was tingling…

oooooo, Shao Wei is terrible!

At this moment, the handsome boy on the side raised his lips slightly, “Shao Wei, have you noticed that? That An Jun’s posture is very familiar?”

Wei Chuan’s eyes darkened, “More than familiarity, this is the second Old seventh, but his technique is much more proficient than the old seven…” The

fat man couldn’t help but his eyes widened. “Master Wei, is it possible that this girl is the teacher of the old seventh?”

Wei Chuan turned his head and looked out the window. , His gaze swept across the layers of the crowd, and finally fell on the girl, then turned around sharply, and walked downstairs.

The fat man and the handsome boy looked at each other subconsciously and hurriedly chased them.

At this time, An Yun was rushing towards Lu Qi with a smile and arched his hands, “Concession and concession…”

Although he is very humble, his beautiful eyes can’t hide his pride.

So cool, I can finally win the seventh!

In the previous life, An Jun’s table tennis was taught by Lu Qi, so no matter how hard An Jun tried, he never beat Lu Qi from beginning to end!

I can finally win this time!

This feeling is simply not too cool! Hahaha…………

Love the book

Lu Qi looked at An Yun with a dumbfounded look. I don’t know why, a sense of intimacy rose in his heart, as if the two were old friends who had known each other for many years……

“Who did you learn about billiards? If you have time to teach me…” Lu Qi smiled and looked at An Yun, his eyes filled with smiles.

“Okay! No problem!”

And when An Yun was chatting with Lu Qi, he caught a glimpse of the three people coming out of the shop. The guy walking in the front was tall and handsome, looking inexplicably He’s a little familiar…


Qi !” Lu Qi looked back when someone called his name, and grinned, “Master Wei, are you leaving? Then I won’t see you…” “

Speaking, he turned his head and continued talking to An Yun.

Wei Chuan: …

I wipe it, am I here to chat with Miss Sister? !

As soon as An Yun heard the name’Wei Shao’, she immediately understood why she felt that this person was familiar to her. This is Wei Chuan, the nephew of younger uncle Wei Hanjue…

Of course, it is also the same table she has never met!

It’s almost a semester, and she has never seen him in class, but today she ran into him!

“Lao Qi, don’t you want to introduce it?” Wei Chuan took a deep breath, then looked at An Yun with a smile.

Lu Qi frowned, looked suspiciously at Wei Chuan, and then thought of the good billiards played by An Jun just now, and quickly thought about the taste.

“Oh, this is An Yun, Grade Three in high school…” Lu Qi smiled at An Yun, and pointed at Wei Chuan, “This is Wei Chuan…” It’s

just that before Lu Qi finished speaking, An Yun said with a smile, “I know…”

An Yun raised his head to look at Wei Chuan, “At the same table, long time no see!”

Everyone was suddenly dumbfounded…

at the same table? !

Nani? !

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