Chapter 13 Damn, should you be so exaggerated?

At this time, everyone’s gaze fell on the billiard table, and the cue ball bounced back to stand still after hitting the bottom edge, surprisingly less than ten centimeters away from the bottom edge!

Lu Qi opened his mouth with a look of surprise, and then slightly hooked the corners of his lips. He approached the table without hurriedly, and directly bent over, raised his head, set up the pole, and moved out. A series of actions were completed in one go.

Hearing a crisp sound of’pop’, the cue ball quickly rolled forward, and after the bottom edge bounced back, almost everyone subconsciously held their breath.

The cue ball is finally still!

Although the distance from the bottom is less than ten centimeters, compared with An Jun’s, it is a little farther…

lost? !

Those male classmates stared at Lu Qi dumbfounded. Young Master Lu, who had always been an invincible player in Jin Jin, lost, and also lost to the chasing female An Yun? !

Lie… Lie!

Almost at the same time, the gazes of those male classmates turned to An Yun—Meng, Meng, right? !

That’s right! It must be Mongolian!

Thinking of this, those male classmates clenched their fists, but it was just the right to serve. What if you win? I will let you, a chasing girl, know the billiard skills of Master Lu later!

“Come on!” Lu Qi set the billiard table, holding the cue and looking at An Yun.

An Jun didn’t get too verbose, approaching the table without rushing, bends over, and shoots…

Just listen to the sound of a’pop’, and the 15 target balls placed in a triangle shape scattered all over the table.

Then came the sound of two flower balls entering the bag.

Two flower balls? !

Damn, do you want to be so exaggerated? !

Everyone stared at the billiard table, their faces stunned.

No… it doesn’t matter, I guess it’s still blind, there are five more balls!

What’s more, during the period, any non-flower ball into the bag is illegal even if it is

released… The

most important thing is that the black ball 8 can only be bagged in the last place…

If it is during the period , The black ball 8 was accidentally smashed into the bag, then it is directly judged to lose!

Therefore, there is still a chance…

As long as Lu Qi gets the right to serve, she will definitely let this chasing girl know what billiard is!

But, obviously Ann Yun Lu Qi did not want to chance ……

‘snapped! ‘The third flower ball is in the bag!

‘Flap! ‘The fourth and fifth flower balls are in the bag!

‘Snapped! ‘The sixth flower ball into the bag!

‘Snapped! ‘The seventh flower ball is in the bag!




As more and more took the ball into the bag, next to the pool crowd of more and more people, all people are like watching Ann Yun added a stunt general approach, burst after burst of applause rang , People can’t help but get excited!

“Damn, Shao Wei, the little girl who popped up here is so handsome! If you have seven goals in the hole, plus the last black ball 8, then there is nothing wrong with the old seven! “At this time, a fat man on the second floor pushed his eyes on the bridge of his nose with excitement, and said with gestures.

Wei Chuan turned his face to look at the No. 18 billiards. His hair was thinned to the right amount and covered his eyes slightly. A school uniform from Jindu No.1 High School was worn on him, and he looked exceptionally tall and straight, “That girl is Who?!”

“An Yun, it’s the girl who chased Xu Shangming a while ago, from the third grade class…Huh, Shao Wei, isn’t she in the same class as you? Don’t you know?” Another handsome-looking boy smiled sideways. He looked at Wei Chuan.

Wei Chuan’s long and narrow phoenix eyes squinted, and the corners of his mouth lifted upwards, “I don’t know!”

Fatty: …

handsome boy: …

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