Chapter 12 seems to have been countered?

Lu Qi looked at the female classmate in front of him and smiled at him, habitually raised his hand and raised her forehead, and blinked a pair of beautiful peach eyes at An Yun, “Beauty, make a friend!”

An Yun’s lips The corners are slightly hooked, a pair of clear eyes are shining, and the skin is more and more lining Shengxue, “Okay!”

Lu Qi: …

Lu Qi blinked with a dazed expression on his face. He who has always been accustomed to teasing girls, this time looks like Was it countered? !

However, this woman feels so familiar, as if she has known each other for many years…

An Yun smiled and squinted his eyes, looking at Lu Qi’s non-mainstream haircut haircut, plus one that is the most popular nowadays, but in An Jun’s eyes looked like a patterned shirt with turtles, and his lower body was wide-leg flared trousers…

Hey, I can’t flatter you!

Who can believe that this second-tier Chinese goods will be a killer in ten years? !

“My name is An Yun, and I’m in Grade Three of Jindu No.1 Middle School!” An Yun’s black and white eyes were full of smiles, and he reached out to Lu Qi.

——Brother Seven, I will protect you this time!

“Ah, oh, my name is Lu Qi, and I’m also in the same class!” Only then did Lu Qi come back to his senses, and hurriedly shook hands with An Yun.

“Are you interested, come with me for a game!” An Yun handed the stick in his hand to Lu Qi.

Lu Qi took the billiard cue subconsciously, raised his hand and raised his forehead, his peachy eyes gleamed, “Okay!”

At this time, the group of male students who had been paying attention to this side poked their mouths, their faces full of contempt. ——It seems that chasing after the girl is aiming at Lu Qi!

It’s just that everyone knows that Lu Qi is no longer the same Lu Qi now, and An Jun is chasing the wrong person this time!

Thinking of this, everyone looked in the direction of the second floor, and saw a tall and handsome person leaning against the huge floor-to-ceiling glass window. The dazzling light reflected on the glass, making people look at it. Unsure of the man’s expression.

However, one thing they are sure of is that the person should be looking at the No. 18 billiard table downstairs, which is the table where An Yun points. Fat cat literature website

roundabout tactics!

It must be directed at Shao Wei!

I really didn’t expect that this woman who chased her back was still a scheming one!

Jindu No.1 High School is a famous high school. The students here are known for their academic dominance, but few of them can play pool.

Basically, those who know how to play billiards are those related households. Good students like An Yun probably don’t even understand the rules, so they still want to attract Wei Shao’s attention by relying on billiards? !

What a foolish dream!

At this time, An Yun naturally didn’t know the thoughts of those male students. Seeing Lu Qi made a’please’ gesture at himself, indicating that he would take the first shot, he raised the cue ball in his hand, a pair of clear ones. His eyes narrowed into Crescent Moon with a smile, “Be formal!”

Lu Qi narrowed his eyes slightly, obviously not expecting An Yun to understand this.

“It’s kind of interesting…it seems like a master!” Lu Qi raised his hand and touched his chin, looking at An Yun with interest.

“I didn’t expect it, there are some of the students who understand the rules of the table tennis game…Go, take a look!” Upon seeing this, the two adult men on the nearby table stopped their movements, and their eyes flashed. Rounded up table 18.

At this time, the few male classmates who had always despised An Yun couldn’t help but stare at them, obviously not understanding what happened.

“Uncle, what…what does this mean?” One of the male classmates finally couldn’t help but asked.

One of the adult men gave each other an impatient look, and then he said, “This is the rule of international table tennis. After the kick-off line, both sides hit the cue ball of the same specification to the bottom at the same time. After rebounding, it stands still, and the ball closer to the top side gets the kick-off right!”

“What did you say to this group of students, do they understand? Hurry up, the girl hit the ball… Come on, so close! “

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