Chapter 11 Lu Qi, when you were young, you were really

An Jun knows the Silver Cabinet Bar, which is a high-end clubhouse, but it also includes KTV, a bar, and accommodation. Therefore, if An Qing does not go home tonight, An Jun will never be surprised.

Thinking of this, An Yun went upstairs again and put on his school uniform, and simply packed up his things before walking out with his schoolbag.

It was the May Day holiday. As the college entrance examination was approaching, the school only took three days off. Today is the second day. In other words, An Yun still has one and a half days off.

However, for the rest of the day and a half, An Yun obviously does not want to stay at home, and now she has more important things to do!

Jindu No.1 Middle School, the best high school in Jindu, is also one of the schools with the highest enrollment rate.

Anyone who can enter Jindu No. 1 Middle School is an excellent student, and of course, it also includes people with a lot of money and hard relationships.

Although it is a holiday now, the east gate of Jindu No. 1 Middle School is open, and occasionally a few students who talk side by side come in and out. Obviously, they did not go home to review their homework in school during the holiday.

An Yun pulled the suitcase and did not enter the school, but walked straight to the farmer’s market.

Said it is a farmer’s market, it is actually a place to eat, drink and have fun. In the past, Anjun and Anqing often came here to buy and eat. Although the sanitary conditions here are very poor, the taste of fast food is absolutely top-notch.

Since it was the May Day holiday, there were not many people at the farmers’ market. An Yun was walking through the messy farmers’ market with his suitcase. The wheels of the suitcase rubbed against the ground and made a buzzing noise, causing some leisure. The bosses who were sitting in front of the shops looking okay.

At this moment, a burst of lively shouts, laughs, and curses approached, and it was a billiard hall in the farmers market.

The so-called billiard hall is actually an empty shed with more than a dozen billiard tables. The tables are extremely dirty when exposed to the outdoors all the year round, but this can’t stop its popularity.

“Boss, start a game!” A crisp voice sounded, attracting everyone’s eyes immediately.


“Wow, look, beauty!”

“Huh? Isn’t that going to chase after girl An Yun? She can play billiards ?!” “Hey , I ‘m probably chasing a

man again. I guess she knows that Young Master Wei is here…”

Five or six boys gathered together and talked in a low voice, with contempt and mockery in their eyes.

It’s just that, in such an empty environment, the voice still clearly reached An Yun’s ears.

An Yun glanced at the people faintly, and the cold eyes made everyone silent, unexpectedly a chill rushed from his back.

An Yun retracted her gaze, but she had forgotten that she still had the name of chasing a girl!

In the last life, Xu Shangming had been pursuing himself with a faceless face, but An Yun was finally entangled and had no choice but to reluctantly agree, but unexpectedly, there was a rumor that he was chasing Xu Shangming.

And it got worse, and in the end even the whole school knew that An Yun broke up with Xu Shangming in a rage.

It’s just that, now that I think about it, I can make all the students in the school believe that he is Xu Shangming, who is chasing him backwards. There is no one else except his sister who has this ability!

Chasing backwards? !

Hehe, she couldn’t make it too late, how could she go after her!

“Student, your pole, I opened table 18 for you…” A familiar voice sounded, and An Yun almost subconsciously looked up…

Lu Qi, when you were young, you were really stunned…

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