Chapter 10 I’m Not Collecting Tatters

After An Jun finished all the books, he walked out of the room slowly.

At this time, An Qing was chatting with Xu Shangming. An Qing looked ashamed and timid, while Xu Shangming looked restless and unbearable.

The sneer on An Yun’s face was deeper. She felt that if she weren’t there, the two of them might be able to do it in the hall!

“Eldest sister…” An Qing was the first to hear the movement of the stairs and stepped back timidly, as if she had bullied her.

Sure enough, Xu Shangming looked at him with a slight displeasure in his eyes, but soon a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

I have to say that An Jun is a little bored, but she is really beautiful, especially her white and soft skin, which makes people want to touch her.

“Junjun, Qingqing told me just now, let’s not cold war, as long as you are more sensible in the future, I won’t break up with you!” Xu Shangming said righteously, subconsciously going La Anjun’s hand.

An Yun couldn’t help but snorted, and subconsciously stepped back and avoided Xu Shangming’s hand. His indifferent expression instantly made Xu Shangming’s face sinking.

This woman is pushing her nose to her face!

“Junyun, are you making enough trouble?! My tolerance is limited!” Xu Shangming frowned.

An Jun lowered his head and smiled. There was a little smile in those black and white eyes, which made An Jun’s whole person seem radiant in an instant, making people unable to look away.

“Xu Shangming, if you are not a fool, you shouldn’t forget it? The two of us have broken up, don’t be disgusting here!”

“You!” Xu Shangming’s face changed drastically, and he stared at An Yun viciously. . Good Chinese

An Qing originally worried that Xu Shangming’s love for An Yun would not be over. After all, her sister is indeed much better than her in terms of skin.

She was afraid that if Xu Shangming had said these things, An Yun would definitely get back with Shang Ming’s brother. Then, she would have to put her heart and soul into Shang Ming’s brother.

However, she never expected that An Yun refused, and said Xu Shangming…disgusting? !

Although An Qing didn’t know if An Yun was playing and playing, she knew that she couldn’t do nothing, so she opened her eyes in disbelief and said in shock, “Sister, What are you talking ah? Shang Ming Gege quickly with an apology ah! “

an Yun Qing Ann glanced coldly, only this one, will see students over the body of Ann Qing cold, like an instant fell into Bingku general ……

good terrible!

“Apologize? You don’t want to collect this kind of garbage. I don’t collect it!” An Yun said mockingly.

“An Yun, don’t you-damn regret it?!” Xu Shangming said with an angry expression on his face.

“Sister…” An Qing’s heart was full of joy, but she still pretended to be heartbroken on her face.

“Qingqing, what are you talking nonsense with this crazy woman! Isn’t it your birthday today? Don’t let her break your mood, I’ll make a room in the silver cabinet bar, let’s go!” Xu Shangming pulled Anqing into a gesture Just walked out.

An Qing still had a look of hesitation and stopped, looking at An Yun for a while, and Xu Shangming for a while, just like how helpless it is to be dragged away by Xu Shangming.

An Yun withdrew his gaze faintly.

Really, these two people, take a second look, An Yun is afraid that he can’t help but kill them!

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