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The idol is coming: the evolution of the gossip queen

The idol is coming: the evolution of the gossip queen
Other names: 偶像来了:绯闻天后进化论
Author:  Cass Shakespeare
Genre:  Youth
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Gu Qinglian has met four vital men in this life. Su Chenyi: The child star who has been famous since she was a child is also her childhood sweetheart, but when her family went bankrupt, she declared the innocent relationship between the two of them.

Jinyu: dumb and silly. Her agent always helped her the first time something happened. But she was also the most sorry person in her life. Chen Jianhui: Owning a huge entertainment company, she gave her a hand when she was most helpless and exchanged it on a condition. And in the end One is her husband. In this whole life, Shu meets her lover and grows old, so why not?


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