Young Brother In Law Is Now My Husband

Jiang YuYan was 20 yrs old when she got married to her love Lu Qiang, the heir to one of the powerful business family in the capital. In an unfortunate accident she lost her husband just after 3 months of their marriage. She alone had a responsibility to protect her family and their business from the people who wanted to harm them. Under some crucial circumstances she had to take a decision to ma…
Title: Young Brother In Law Is Now My Husband
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Author: mynovel20
Genre: novel, Comedy, Romance
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 711+
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Jiang YuYan is a girl full of life. She is a happy go lucky kind of person. She likes to find happyness in a small small things in life. when she comes back to china from US she falls in a love with Lu Qiang whom she hated at first site but ultimately falls for him.

Lu Qiang is a hair of one of the powerful family in capital B and the president of Lu corporation which is founded by his father Lu Jinhai. He is responsible, talented, very handsome and the most eligible bachelor in the city. He loves Yuyan more than anything in this world.

Their parents Lu Jinhai and Jiang Peizhi are childhood Freinds. Jiang YuYan and Lu Qiang use to play together when they were kids but when Jiang family moved to US they lost contact and were not familiar to each other after meeting such a long time about 8 yrs. But after some time they falls in love which leads to their marriage.

After Lu Qiang’s death, she takes all the responsibility of family and business. She has to marry her 12 yrs old brother in law Lu Lijun to protect him, family and business from their enemy.

Under all those responsibilities she becomes a cold person opposite to the kind of person she was initially. Everything changes when her brother in law Lu LiJun cames back from US after 10 yrs.

Lu Lijun is an younger son of Lu Jinhai and an younger brother of Lu qiang. He hates Jiang YuYan but behind that hatred there are different feelings which he doesn’t realise. But when he does, he wants her to be in his life as his wife. He wants to protect her and change her back to the person she was before, always smiling and full of life.

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