Chapter 8 Will See You Soon YuYan!!

“Someone who will love me to the core of his heart, ready to do anything for me, will only think about me, must be able to make me smile whenever I feel sad, and will always have all the time in the world for me,” Jiang Yuyan said with a small smile on her lips. Her eyes glittered with delight.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yang said, “Other things are fine but having all the time in the world for you? Ummm… Then there is only one option.”

“And what’s that, brother Yang?” she asked, anticipation clear on her face.

“You have to marry a beggar,” he teased and was ready to observe her reaction.

“That’s okay as long as he fulfills all the above criteria I mentioned.” She was relaxed at the face of his teasing.

“Are you for real?” Jiang Yang was surprised.

“What’s wrong with marrying a beggar? I will earn money, and he just has to love me and only love me. We will make lots of babies, I will work, and he will handle them—” her sister’s reply dumbfounded Jiang Yang. With his eyes wide open, he was unable to say anything. He expected her to get angry!

He stopped her and finally said, “Little sis, I lost, you won.”

The man sitting behind was still listening to the siblings’ conversation. His eyes were closed, but he had a wide grin on his face, showing his cute canines.

“Brother Yang, I am only eighteen and just learning to fly. But these people want to cut my wings before I can take off. I still have a lot more things to do in life. I want to fulfill my dreams and be an independent woman first,” Jiang Yuyan said. She was determined to do something with her life.

After thinking about something for a while, the expression on her face changed and she said in a firm voice, “One more thing, brother. You know that I don’t plan on marrying. This talk is just for fun.”

Jiang Yang nodded and said, “Don’t let the past affect you. Nobody is going to force you to do anything. Our parents just want you to study business management. That’s it,” he said as he looked at her serious face.

“No, they want me to study because they think I would be able to understand the business world after marrying a rich businessman.” She looked quite sad as she continued, “Brother, you know me and my dreams better.”

“It’s not like that, little sis. Everyone knows you are a bright student with extra-ordinary grades and an excellent IQ,” Jiang Yang said, pride flashing in his eyes.

He spoke again with a teasing smile, “Well, that’s a different thing, when I see your innocent and quite silly side, I wonder if there was any fault in your IQ test result.” He suddenly changed his tone and praised her, “The business management course would be a piece of cake for you.”

“But what about my interest?”

“Our parents are just expecting you to be a successful and happy person. Just bear with it for a few years. No one is going to stop you from achieving your dreams. This conversation about marriage makes zero sense,” he said to console her.

The handsome man sitting behind them was curious about her dreams. But Jiang Yang spoke up before the conversation could go further.

“Now close your eyes and take some rest. It was a tiresome day for us.” She nodded, leaned back, and closed her eyes. The handsome man was quite disappointed. After having dinner, everyone went to sleep.

The next morning, everyone got out of the airport and headed their way. Jiang Yuyan’s sight passed by the handsome man, but she frowned and ignored him. Jiang Yang, on the other hand, nodded with a smile, compensating for his sister’s rude behavior. The handsome man smiled and nodded in return.

Outside the airport, a black Maybach was waiting. The handsome man reached the car. The driver bowed and said, “Good morning, young master Lu.”

He opened the door of a car for him. The car moved, and the man leaned back and stared out of the window. He suddenly remembered the girl’s startled face and smiled.

“I will see you soon, Yuyan!” His eyes sparkled as he mumbled his words to himself.

At the same time, another car was waiting for Jiang Yang and Jiang Yuyan. The driver got out and greeted them. Both of them sat inside the car and headed towards their destination.

After sitting inside the car, Jiang Yang looked at his sister and asked, “Still upset? Cheer up!”

Jiang Yuyan replied, “No! I am not.”

“Then, why do you have a long face?”

“I thought about it the whole night. I know that I am wrong about our parents. I just said all those things in a fit of anger,” she said, thinking about something.

“I love them and will do anything they ask me to. And you are right, that marriage thing doesn’t make any sense. It’s just that, she was supporting my dream till yesterday and now suddenly she asked me to do something that I don’t want to, even without giving me a proper explanation.”

Jiang Yang nodded and said, “Yes! You are right, but mom always thinks ahead. Just trust her!”

Jiang Yuyan agreed and said, “I know, and I trust her, brother Yang.”

“That’s like my sweet sister.” Looking at each other, both broke into smiles.

At old Lu Mansion.

The black car arrived at the gate. Both the handsome man and his assistant got down from the car. Butler Xu Dui bowed to the man and led the way to the mansion. As they crossed the main door, they heard a pleasant and cheerful voice.

“My dear grandson! Finally, you are back!”

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