Chapter 7 She Is Still The Same

Jiang Yang took the coffee mug from her hand and threw it into the trash bin nearby. “Your eyes are at the back of your head, too, Yuyan.” He smiled. “We’re getting late. Why do I feel like that man is quite familiar?” Shaking his head, he moved forward.

As they entered the flight, they saw the men from earlier seated inside. Jiang Yuyan gave them a displeased look and moved her sight in the opposite direction. After checking the seat numbers, Jiang siblings sat in their seats, which happened to be in front of these two men. The plane finally took off, and after some time it was flying in the air. The air hostess was done with the safety instructions and served refreshments to passengers. They were relaxed as they were able to catch the flight.

Their flight had been canceled right as they were about to board as there were some technical issues. So, they had to book another flight, but there were no business class seats available. They were, therefore, traveling in the economy.

“Yuyan, we are finally on a plane. I thought we would definitely miss it.” Jiang Yang gave out a sigh of relief.

Jiang Yuyan was still upset. “It would have been better that way. Why didn’t we miss it?” She looked at her brother, “You know that I don’t want to go back to China and don’t want to study there, but you are on their side. I hate you, brother!” She said while pouting her lips, sadness evident in her eyes.

“It’s not like that. You are taking this the wrong way. Our parents have always done things for our benefit. This time, mom was firm on her decision, and nobody could change it.”

“I think education is just an excuse. They must have found someone they want me to marry. Otherwise, what’s with the sudden change in attitude?” She still carried the frustrated expression.

“They will never do anything against your will, let alone marriage,” Jiang Yang said with concern in his eyes.

Both were unaware that the men sitting behind were able to hear them.

“Boss, why didn’t you say anything to them? It was not our fault. How could she talk to you like that? You shouldn’t have stopped me,” Assistant Xiao Min said with dissatisfaction.

“She is not someone you can deal like this,” said the man. He closed his eyes and leaned back to take rest, his lips slightly curved upward.

The assistant was confused by what his boss had just said, but before he could ask further, the man seemingly fell asleep. Though his eyes were closed, his full attention was on the siblings’ conversation.

“They will definitely hook me up with someone,” Jiang Yuyan said, not ready to understand.

Jiang Yang decided to tease her instead of making her understand. “They will not find someone ordinary for you. That person must be a third-generation rich family heir or CEO of a company,” he said with a mischievous smile on his face. He was enjoying her annoyance.

“I don’t want to marry any rich family’s heir or CEO types,” she said angrily.

“Huh! What… What is there not to like? Every single girl out there dreams for such a person.” Jiang Yang was quite surprised by her words.

“Brother Yang, I am not like those girls who run after money. I read lots of novels and also heard from my friends that these rich heirs are scary people. They always carry cold aura around them with no facial expressions… like they have a facial paralysis. They are scary, rude, ignorant, inconsiderate, stubborn, have no feelings, treat women like…Ummm like…” She was struggling for a word and looking here and there to get it.

Jiang Yang pointed to the water bottle in front of him and asked, “Water bottle?”

Jiang Yuyan: “No, brother!”

Then he pointed to the coffee mug in front of him and asked, “Coffee? Coffee mug?”

“Brother Yang! That’s not it, either.”

Then he pointed to the last thing left on the small tray in front of him and asked, “Tissue paper?”

“Yes, that’s it! Tissue paper!” Her face reverted to her original expression.

“They treat women like tissue paper, use them as they please, and then throw them away,” she said these words with a face full of rage. It was as if she was the leader of all women who had suffered under such men.

“You could have used a water bottle or coffee mug too, as they are also meant to use and throw,” he said to annoy her, but she ignored and continued.

“You know, they can cause heart attacks by just staring at feeble-hearted women. They are always busy with work, have no time for family, look down on others…” all these words were said in a single breath. Jiang Yang was almost worried about her and wanted to ask her to breathe when she stopped on her own accord. Her face was flushed as she gasped for breath. Then, she continued.

“And there is more. They are—” Jiang Yang stopped her before she could say any more.

“Stop! I understand.”

She stopped with a puzzled look on her face. Jiang Yang sighed in relief and was not in a mood to hear his sister’s rant.

At the same time, the man behind them was listening to everything with his eyes closed. “She is still the same,” he mumbled with a big smile, making his assistant amazed at the eye-catching view.

“Then, what kind of a person you want to marry, my dear little sister?” Jiang Yang asked curiously.

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