Chapter 6 So Rude! Left Without Giving An Apology

Jiang Peizhi laughed heartily. “That’s good then. She will get the love of two people. Nowadays no one spends their life with a single person. Don’t overthink,” he said, but there was a sign of worry in his eyes. He tried desperately to hide behind the laughter of his. After all, he was Jiang Yuyan’s father, and it was obvious for him to feel concerned about his daughter. He didn’t want to worry his wife further.

Mo Ruolan got irritated at his laughter. Jiang Peizhi thought about something and asked her, “Wait-wait. Master said that she would be a renowned person in the business world in the future. Is that why you are insisting on her to study business management?”

Mo Ruolan nodded. “Well, you can say that,” she said. She paused before continuing, “It’s not bad to have extra knowledge.” She looked at her husband for approval.

“You can’t do this to her. You know that she has a different dream. After what she has been through, we had decided to let her live the way she wants.”

“I know! And I am not stopping her from doing what she wants to do. Even in the past, I have never done anything of the sort, but this time is different. I want her to complete business management, and after that, she is free to do what she wants to do with her life,” Mo Ruolan said firmly, showing that she wouldn’t change her decision. “Also, because of what happened in the past, I wish for her to live a better life in the future,” she continued.

“Okay! As you wish, dear.” He gave her a resigned smile. “No one can avoid what is written in their destiny, so what is the use of feeling worried? This is between you and her; I am not going to meddle in your business. I will just be a bystander.”

Jiang Peizhi trusted his wife’s decision. He knew that she would only make decisions that would benefit the kids. So, he decided to back down from the argument.

Mo Ruolan smiled and said, “Good!” The discussion ended right there.

“Have you prepared for elder Lu’s wedding anniversary?” asked Jiang Peizhi when he saw the relief on his wife’s face.

“Yes, the gift is ready, too,” she replied.

“My dear wife, always ready for everything. What would I have done without you?”

Mo Roulan looked at her husband and said in a sarcastic voice, “Done with your flattery? When you meet your friend Lu Jinhai, I will wait and see if you still need me.”

“Wifey, they say ‘sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.'”

Mo Ruolan frowned. “Haven’t you heard the saying? ‘You should not piss off your wife when she has her menopause.'”

Jiang Peizhi coughed. He didn’t say anything as he really didn’t intend to anger her. Mo Roulan left the room to go to the kitchen.

He was happy at the thought that he would be meeting his best friend soon.

Next evening, New York Airport.

A young man and woman briskly walked inside the crowded airport to their terminal. The boy was carrying a backpack on his shoulder, a tablet in one hand, and his plane tickets in the other. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and black jeans with sneakers.

The woman was carrying a cute, girlish white backpack on her shoulder with a stuffed pink bunny hanging on one side and a mug of coffee in her hands. She was wearing a pink top, blue jeans, and a pair of cute pink booties.

“Yuyan, let’s hurry up. At this rate, we will miss our flight.” The man looked annoyed.

“Then let’s miss it, brother Yang. I don’t want to go anyway. If it were not the wedding anniversary of grandfather and grandmother Lu, I would have done my best to avoid this trip to China,” she said as she sipped on her coffee.

“C’mon, little sis, you know you can’t avoid this, so just be fast. Actually, we need to run now.” The boy held her hand and dragged her along with him as he ran towards the terminal. A young man similar to his age followed behind.

“Boss, slow down. We will be there on time,” the man behind him said, trying to catch his breath. The handsome man looked at him and frowned, making the other gulp his protest and follow silently.

He was wearing a stylish business suit, with a white shirt inside it. He looked so handsome that it was quite impossible for the people around not to notice such a royal man, even though he was making his way through a huge crowd. He walked briskly, making way through the crowd, garnering curious looks from the males and females that surrounded him.

At some distance, the man in the business suit collided with the woman. They were headed towards the same terminal from opposite directions. The coffee in her hand spilled onto his suit. The man frowned as she looked at his stained shirt, his irritation clear on his face. He moved his gaze from his shirt to the girl in front of him.

Because of the sudden collision, she had been rendered confused, too. Their eyes met. The man was over six feet, compared to the very short girl; she barely reached his chin.

When he looked at her face, she froze on the spot and his anger dissipated. Her beautiful eyes glittered, her skin was baby-soft and looked radiant, and her lips were rosy pink. Her face looked attractive, even though she was clearly confused.

She looked down at the coffee mug in her hand, and her expression turned angry. She looked at his face as she said, “Do you have your eyes at the back of your head?” The man didn’t reply and just kept staring at her.

The man behind him spoke up, “Miss, it was not my boss’ fault alone, and…” before he could finish, the handsome young man had cut him off.

“Let’s go. We are getting late, assistant Xiao Min.” With that, they strode towards the terminal.

She frowned as she looked at his retreating back. “So rude! Left without an apology.” She looked at the spilled coffee and commented in a sad voice, “Rest in peace, my tasty coffee.”

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