Chapter 7: Is That Mu Qiqi Her Sister?

Sheng Xiao rarely met Mu Qiqi and her aunt after he learned that she was adapting well to her new life.

However, Mu Qiqi yearned to see him as time went on, but she simply did not have any way to contact him.

When Jing Yun himself visited, Mu Qiqi asked that he relay a message to Sheng Xiao so that he visited the small mansion as well.

But Jing Yun did not relay the message, because he believed Sheng Xiao had done enough for her.

In fact, he hoped that Mu Qiqi would not be in touch with Sheng Xiao if it wasn’t for something important.

Nonetheless, Mu Qiqi would often stay in the living room to wait for Sheng Xiao, growing more disappointed after every passing day.

“Qiqi, you have a mock exam tomorrow. You should sleep early,” Su Zipei said, having arranged and cared for Mu Qiqi’s daily life.

“I want to keep watching, Aunt Zipei.” Mu Qiqi was staring fixedly at the television.

In the tiny screen, Sheng Xiao was dressed formally and cutting ribbons with a fashion model at the opening ceremony of a jewelry store!

It was probably as close as she could get to him.

And yet he was so far away, a beautiful dream she could not hope to reach!

That night, Sheng Xiao was leaving the ceremony when he was stopped by a friend. “Hmm, where are you going, Young Master Sheng? Aren’t you a man? Don’t you like any of the gorgeous women around us?”

Sheng Xiao smiled as his friend shambled. “I am a person of refined tastes. I’m not interested in most.”

“Tsk, tsk… how boring. Well, I’m giving up on you—go have your own fun!”

Sheng Xiao got on his sports car when he suddenly remembered that the little mansion was just nearby. He felt like it had been some time since she had seen that young lady from the Mu family, not to mention that he never bought Jing Yun’s very businesslike reports.

Hence, he simply drove to the little mansion, where he found the lights in Mu Qiqi’s room were still on.

With Su Zipei asleep, no one in the house opened the door for him. As such, he simply picked up a pebble from the ground and threw it at Mu Qiqi’s window.

Hearing the sound, she poked her head out to find Sheng Xiao. She quickly ran downstairs to open the door, her face full of excitement.

“You’re here? Did you come because Jing Yun told you that I wanted to see you?”

Sheng Xiao’s frowned at the girl’s words—Jing Yun never mentioned that.

Still, he kept impassive and instead asked, “Why would you want to see me?”

“It’s about school… I wanted to thank you, although I know that it’s not important to you. But it’s alright, I have a mock exam tomorrow—I’m feeling more confident after seeing you tonight.”

Sheng Xiao was surprised just then.

After living free for twenty-six years, he felt a hint of attachment because of another person’s expectations.

Was his fatherly affection overflowing?

“Get back inside. I’m leaving.” He told Mu Qiqi as he promptly cooled.

“Okay. When would I see you again? I only ever see you on TV lately…” Mu Qiqi said a little dejectedly, pointing at the living room television.

“You will when you beat your sister in national rankings!”

Sheng Xiao was hoping that Mu Qiqi held expectations for him, but her answer was short and simple. “I’ll do it.”

Although she had been away from school for three months, the third year in high school focused on revision and she had been working diligently. After all, she was not making an effort before this, and was simply scribbling answers away.

“Okay, that’s a promise!” With those words, Sheng Xiao turned and got into his car.

Mu Qiqi watched as he drove away feeling a little sad, although she also reminded herself to not become reliant on him.

She returned to her room, where she blankly browsed through Sheng Xiao’s personal information on the internet.

She now had another goal aside from seeking revenge against the Mu family.

She wants to be closer to Sheng Xiao!

No one expected that a transfer student could score so well in her first mock exam.

Only Mu Qiqi herself knew that she had tried her very best!

The Ministry of Education had made public the rankings in the national mock exam. Mu Qiqi was one of the top five in Eaton and twenty-seventh nationally, although she failed to surpass her sister, Mu Tangxue.

She was ranked twenty-fifth—just two places ahead.

Mu Qiqi found the others at school gesturing at her when the results were announced: her scores had made her famous, with her fellow students seeing her in a new light.

That being said, she did not achieve her target.

Didn’t that mean she wouldn’t see Sheng Xiao?

Mu Qiqi returned home with a long face, but Su Zipei was extraordinarily thrilled, even hugging her and showering her with kisses.

“Qiqi, I never knew that you could do so well! You’ve always been rock-bottom in school… ah, if only I could see the faces of the Mu family knew that you could stand shoulder-to-shoulder against Tangxue!”

“It’s not enough. I will defeat her!” Mu Qiqi swore inwardly.

Meanwhile, Mu Tangxue also noticed that only one name separated herself from Mu Qiqi when she checked her results.

Was that Mu Qiqi, her sister?

There clearly was no way for her to return to the family, not to mention that her results were always utterly horrific. Why would she show up on the national rankings?

Puzzled, Mu Tangxue went to her mother’s room. Worming her hands around her neck, she asked, “Mommy, where’s Sister now?”

Mama Mu quickly closed the door when she heard the word ‘sister’, and told her daughter, “Don’t mention your sister anymore at home.”

“But I think she’s so pitiful… she’s forced to leave home at such a young age after all. Even if it’s her fault Grandma is dead, she definitely did not do it on purpose.”

“And your uncles almost managed to topple your father because of that—it took a lot to keep it covered. Listen to me and don’t mention her in front of your father. Moreover…”

Mama Mu remembered the phone call from her younger sister, who told her that Mu Qiqi was sold off by her uncle…


“It’s nothing. Just pretend you don’t have a sister from now on.” Mama Mu said, stroking Tangxue’s silky hair.

Mama Mu had always been deferred to her husband, and therefore had no authority regarding her own daughter.

Furthermore, Papa Mu often blamed her for not disciplining Qiqi.

Now, she was gone… and it was a release for everyone! She certainly would not dare to save her, because her husband is definitely going to give her the scolding of a lifetime if she did.

Still, she just didn’t know that no one had to worry about Mu Qiqi’s life from now on.

Mu Tangxue was certainly pleased as well: her sister was never coming back to steal any affection from her…

That ‘Mu Qiqi’ in the national rankings was probably someone else with the same name.

Nonetheless, there certainly was no telling how surprised Mu Tangxue would be when she meets her twin sister again!

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