Chapter 4: Afraid That I Would Eat Her?

On the way to their new apartment, Mu Qiqi’s aunt could not help asking, “Qiqi, what is actually going on?”

“I might have to follow Sheng Xiao from now on, Aunt. He saved me yesterday, and stopped me from being sold off,” Mu Qiqi explained, the corners of her eyes reddened. “However, how I treated Uncle…”

“That scumbag deserves it!”

Mu Qiqi’s aunt exclaimed. Then, worried that Mu Qiqi was going to fall into a trap again, she paused a moment before adding, “But it’s a little ridiculous to even say it. By what right would he take you in? Moreover, your families have been fighting for generations…”

“I don’t know… but I don’t have anywhere else to go at the moment.”

“We can thank Young Master Sheng for helping us remove that vermin uncle of yours and go back. I’ll work to support you.” Mu Qiqi’s aunt suggested, mainly because she was uneasy.

Mu Qiqi shook her head reluctantly. “Aunt, although I’ve been abandoned by the Mu family, if Tangxue is going to come up with new ways to hurt me if she learns that I’m living with you. I really couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t stand our parents spoiling her non-stop while hurting me…”

“I don’t know what would happen if I follow Sheng Xiao, but I don’t want the past to repeat itself and become a scapegoat for Tangxue.”

Mu Qiqi’s aunt nodded at her words, feeling the bitterness. “Alright, if that’s what you choose. I’ll stay with you, and you can throw away all morals and rationality and whatnot.”

“Thank you, Aunt…”

Why would Mu Qiqi’s aunt agree with her idea?

That was because even after she planned to divorce her scumbag husband after she learned that Mu Qiqi had been sold off, she had quickly phoned his own sister—Mu Qiqi’s own biological mother. However, she was unaffected by that news at all.

“Sold off? It’s fine. Just watch her and keep it a secret, don’t shame the Mu family!”

Well, since that was how she would treat her own daughter, Mu Qiqi definitely did not have to go back.

Now, she would see what Sheng Xiao has arranged for the young girl.

Sheng Xiao’s assistant had sent Mu Qiqi and Su Zipei—her aunt to a condominium in the suburban district of Jianchuan. However, they passed by the prestigious school that she and Mu Tangxue studied in.

Mu Qiqi’s tears were threatening to fall, and Su Zipei quickly consoled her. “Qiqi, don’t be sad. We’re with the Sheng family now, you can just forget about them!”

“I’m just upset that Mu Tangxue is sitting in there comfortably and getting spoiled as much as she could.”

In front of them and having heard their conversation, Sheng Xiao’s assistant could not help asking, “If you have the chance to return to that school, would you still be polite to your sister?”

“In her dreams!”

Her studies had been in utter shambles over her sister’s happiness. She had done everything to keep her satisfied, even losing herself…

But no more!

Meanwhile, Sheng Xiao returned home in another car and was given a scolding by his family over his accident, before taken to his room to recover.

Soon, his assistant Jing Yun returned as well to report about Mu Qiqi and her aunt.

Be that as it may, he could not hold back saying, “Young Master, she is an eighteen-year-old girl, not a cat or a dog. Since you have taken her in, you would have to take responsibility for her from now on.”

“I know…” Sheng Xiao replied, leaning on the sofa with his eyes closed.

“Caring for a person is no easy matter.”

“Are you suggesting that I should have watched her being sold and do nothing?” Sheng Xiao straightened and answered Jing Yun with another question.”

“We could just let her live with her aunt after saving her. We shouldn’t interfere with matters of the Mu family…”

“Is that your call or mine?” Sheng Xiao teased Jing Yun thoughtfully.

The assistant spaced out for a moment before answering, “It’s your call… but if Master and Madam knew that you’ve taken her in…”

“Then don’t let them know!” Sheng Xiao rose to his feet.

Jing Yun always found the young master behaving triflingly—would he really be able to take someone in so easily and care for her?

Not to mention that he was ever so untamed and free-spirited.

Nonetheless, when Jing Yun was spacing out, Sheng Xiao had already reached the door.

“Young Master, where are you going?”

“Need someone to help me with my meds.”

As for who, it certainly would be the one who stripped him of his underpants!

When she reached it, Mu Qiqi thought that the condominium was excessively luxurious and not too different from the time when she was living with the Mu family.

It was just that she did not know where she would go from there.

“Qiqi… could Young Master Sheng be meaning to groom you like a lover?” Su Zipei was still worried. “I won’t let that happen even if I die…”

“You’re thinking too much, Aunt Zipei… I’m more or less dissatisfied with those body portions of hers.” Sheng Xiao said, having just entered. He put the keys to the house on a table, before studying Mu Qiqi thoughtfully.

“Young Master Sheng…”

“Come help me change my bandages.” Sheng Xiao gestured at Mu Qiqi.

“Young Master Sheng, please allow me. I’ll certainly do it better than Qiqi.” Su Zipei quickly interrupted to stop them from being alone together.

After all, Mu Qiqi was still too naïve.

“Why? Are you afraid that I’ll eat her up, Aunt Zipei?” Sheng Xiao smiled, a devilish air appearing between his eyes.

“Aunt Zipei, it’s alright. I trust him.” Mu Qiqi quickly said. Then, after going downstairs to the guestroom, she crouched in front of Sheng Xiao. “Please… take off your pants.”

Resting his elbow on his knee, Sheng Xiao reached out to touch Mu Qiqi’s chin. “Young lady of the Mu family, do you think you’re living on someone else’s charity?”

“I’m only afraid. I don’t know my future, or whether I could still be here tomorrow.” Mu Qiqi said tearfully.

“Let me tell you, then! You now belong to the Sheng family since I’ve taken you in, and as long as I’m here, you would be fed and have a place to sleep… What, you don’t believe me?” Sheng Xiao asked her seriously.

“I do!” Mu Qiqi nodded.

Although she appeared to be very earnest, Sheng Xiao knew that it would be difficult for her to escape her fears at once.

Still, he did not try to force her.

“Find a school you can study in. You’re still a third-year high schooler if I remember correctly.”

“Okay!” Mu Qiqi nodded, although she was perfectly aware that she could not hope to return to her old school—she had neither the stature nor the money after the Mu family disowned her.

However, what Sheng Xiao told her then left her taken aback.

“You’re definitely not going back to Van Gogh Royal Academy…”


“Well, Eaton it is.

“Huh?” Mu Qiqi was bewildered because Eaton was an academy more prestigious than Van Gogh.

And Sheng Xiao was having her join that school?

“I’ll have Jing Yun arranged for your entry into the school tomorrow. As for whether you really are inferior to your sister, Mu Qiqi, we’ll have an answer then.”

Mu Qiqi felt her heart churning extraordinarily at those words.

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