Chapter 20: Aren’t I A Little Flat?

When Sheng Xiao saw that Mu Qiqi was beside herself with excitement, he knew that she had found confidence by retaliating against Mu Tangxue.

The girl had quite the temper, and there was hope for her yet.

“I haven’t had a chance to use your voice-recording pen, but I believe it definitely would prove useful in the future.” Mu Qiqi drew out the pen, holding it in her palm like a treasure. “You gave that to me!”

Mu Qiqi’s words touched Sheng Xiao a little.

There were millions who served him, but there wasn’t one who would consecrate a pen from him like a sacred relic.

It seems that Mu Qiqi cherished every gift from him.

Sheng Xiao said nothing. He silently looked at her when Jing Yun suddenly called.

“Young Master, Boss wants to see you.”

“I’ll be right over.” Sheng Xiao hung up immediately, and told Mu Qiqi, “Stay home and rest well. Don’t think about silly things.”

“Okay, you should go about your business!” Mu Qiqi quickly said.

Sheng Xiao told Old Lin to let him get off beside the road, and have Jing Yun pick him up.

Old Lin then told Mu Qiqi cheerfully, “Miss Qiqi, even if Young Master didn’t say it, I could tell that he is worried about you.”

Mu Qiqi lowered her head to hide a smile then, suddenly feeling that she was ever so close to Sheng Xiao.

The very air around Sheng Xiao changed when he got into Jing Yun’s car.

He was a relaxed, lazy and devilish noble prince in front of Mu Qiqi, but never threatening. However, he was completely different when it was someone else.

Anyone who would step on his toes would suffer disproportional retribution.

That was why once Jing Yun mentioned that someone in his family was stirring trouble in the hospital, Sheng Xiao’s face became dark and sinister.

“Young Master, the management is unhappy with the way you do things. They have been making a scene in the hospital, but Master shot him down.”

“What? Are they unhappy?” Sheng Xiao said coldly.

“Your iron fist policies have stopped them from making a profit. Naturally, they are upset and are out to catch your weak point.”

Sheng Xiao snorted and entered the ward, and went to his father when he found him on his sickbed. “Dad.”

“Sheng Xiao, what’s going on? Why did you leave halfway through a meeting?” Papa Sheng asked. “I know you are very capable, but discipline is the most important in managing a company.”

“Old man, don’t question my methods if you want me to handle things.” Sheng Xiao promptly retorted. “I’m waiting for you to get discharged.”

Papa Sheng said nothing, but gestured for Jing Yun to follow him.

Jing Yun did so, staying right behind Sheng Xiao. “Young Master,” he reminded him, “you visited the small mansion too many times lately.”

“Don’t really take me for a prince just because others call me Crown Prince, and count even the times I get in the toilet.” Sheng Xiao shot back angrily. “It’s my freedom where I would go.”

“I’m just afraid that you would get trapped. You know that the Sheng family has no freedom when it comes to marriage!”

“Save those words for the other members of the Sheng family. Whoever crosses me, I’m going to have their entire family suffer.” With those words, Sheng Xiao left the hospital.

Jing Yun sighed. He really could not handle Sheng Xiao.

At the same time, he hoped that Mu Qiqi’s seemingly little influence would not leave Sheng Xiao irrational.

Although Sheng Xiao appeared capable when it came to relationships, his dominant style was limited to outward appearances—the truth was that he was still drawing a blank in intimacy.

Even if countless women would latch onto him every single day, Sheng Xiao would start to belittle them after no more than a glance.

While he looked as if he would not lack female connections, he took sentiment very seriously—valuing them even more than his own life.

Meanwhile, after Mu Tangxue had fainted on her first day at Eaton, Papa Mu showed his concern about his daughter’s health when she got home… along with the little things that happened in school.

“Tangxue, is your sister causing trouble in school?”

“No.” Mu Tangxue shook her head.

“I knew it—Mu Qiqi can’t do a thing when you’re around. Go back to your room and rest.”

Papa Mu Had thought that Mu Tangxue could control Mu Qiqi, and was very satisfied with her answer.

On the other hand, Mu Tangxue herself clearly knew that although she had to pretend to be weak at home so that her sister would be her scapegoat in the past, she must now play the role of a chess piece for her father.

Even so, her face showed coldness when she remembered how she was humiliated by Mu Qiqi.

Today was merely a mistake, and that was probably all Mu Qiqi had in her. After all, she knew Mu Qiqi was a paper tiger.

She would reclaim control over her tomorrow!

Su Zipei cooked an especially scrumptious breakfast for Mu Qiqi to celebrate her triumph over Mu Tangxue.

Mu Qiqi liked what she saw, but lost appetite once she thought about her figure.

“What is it?”

“Aunt Zipei… Am I a little flat?” Mu Qiqi asked—it was something which left her feeling inferior. “I’m already eighteen… but I have yet to flesh out.”

“Why are you worrying about that all of a sudden?” Su Zipei scanned her thoroughly. “You’re fine, there’s nothing wrong.”

“Whatever! You won’t understand.”

“Should I buy you some supplements?”

“Alright!” Mu Qiqi quickly nodded.

Later, she started browsing the internet for information after dinner, checking how a girl could develop her form perfectly.

Still, what reason she could have other than capturing Sheng Xiao’s attention?

Sprawled over her computer table, Mu Qiqi could not help blushing.

That being said, when she looked at things from a different perspective, she realized that Sheng Xiao was helping and protecting her, but her response was having ideas that clearly overstepped boundaries.

Was that not biting the hand that fed her?

Furthermore, the fact that Sheng Xiao was helping her alone was already making things difficult for him. If the Sheng family learned about her, and given their families hostile relationship…

Mu Qiqi felt as if she had a bucket of ice water poured over her head at the very idea, with things becoming very clear…

She really shouldn’t have!

Even so, was that something she could control?

As such, she noted down her worries in her diary…

Be that as it may, Su Zipei thought that her niece was behaving unusually because of her little changes. Therefore, the next morning she asked Old Lin when he was washing the car, “Uncle Lin, did you see any boy who is close quite to Qiqi when she leaves school?”

Old Lin pondered the question for a moment before shaking his head. “No, why?”

“Qiqi is quite concerned with her figure lately, and is starting to write in a diary… I’m afraid she’s caught puppy love!”

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