Chapter 19: Feels Like Heaven

“On that topic Sis, how did you get help from the rich French person? I heard that you were sold off by Uncle… could it be thanks to some dirty deal?”

Mu Qiqi panicked slightly, but she still managed to keep her appearance calm. “You got what you want. We both know who gave Grandma the medicine that killed her—and yet I’m the one who left the Mu family. What more do you want?”

“I just want you to keep ‘protecting’ me! Either way, you’re staying beneath my shadow all your life!”

Mu Qiqi looked at Mu Tangxue’s confident face, handily lifted her own bowl of porridge and pressed it over Mu Tangxue’s head. The sticky contents began to flow down along her head…

Naturally, the bowl was not too hot since Mu Qiqi already had a few spoonfuls.

“How dare you…”

“Come on, Mu Tangxue. Pull all those tricks you love—I’m waiting!”

There were many other students in the canteen, and all of them certainly saw the twin’s sudden quarrel. Fortunately, Mu Qiqi’s forewarning was having its effect: students from other classes would think that Mu Qiqi was very cool, but her classmates saw firsthand that Mu Qiqi was eating alone without much fuss, and it was Mu Tangxue who approached her on purpose.

She definitely knew her sister did not like her, and yet she was still snuggling up to her. Was that not simply asking for a beating?

Later, their class teacher scolded Mu Qiqi in the staff room. “Qiqi, I thought you were joking… but you really do bully your sister.”

“Teacher, only you know that I’m receiving final help.”

Her teacher nodded in return. “Yes, but why? Why do you and your sister hold such a grudge?”

“I won’t say anything before I have actual evidence, teacher. You could consider that I’m bullying Mu Tangxue for now.” Mu Qiqi said, aggrieved.

After all, she knew that if she accused Mu Tangxue without evidence, her teacher would only believe that she was lying if nothing happened!

“You might be doing well in studies and other aspects, but that doesn’t mean you get a free pass.”

“Yes, teacher.”

“I heard that you were ill yesterday. I have some medicine with me—you have to tell me if you’re not feeling well.”

For her part, Mu Qiqi’s throwing of porridge at Mu Tangxue was a calculated risk since she knew that her class teacher appreciated and liked her.

Her teacher had seen with her own eyes how she had changed, from lacking confidence to how she was now.

That was why she assuredly liked Mu Qiqi, more than her concern for other students.

Later, when Mu Qiqi returned to the classroom, Mu Tangxue thought that she was being punished in the staff room.

“Qiqi, where did you get that medicine?” The classmate beside her asked.

“Our class teacher gave it to me; she heard that I had a fever last night.” Mu Qiqi smiled at her classmate.

That also indirectly disproved Mu Tangxue’s theory, who kept quiet but cursed their class teacher inwardly: are Eaton teachers all poor in eyesight, and would never know who they should side with?

“Still, you were impressive from what I heard… throwing a whole bowl of porridge on her head…”

“Stop it, it’s time for class…” Mu Qiqi warned her, “and you still haven’t seen how impressive she can be!”

Mu Qiqi knew that Mu Tangxue would be using her actions as an excuse and make a play, and was already waiting to see what her twin would do. Things turned out exactly as she expected: the bell signaling the second afternoon class had just rung when another classmate shouted, “Fainted… the new student fainted!”

The class teacher was brought in, and Mu Tangxue was brought to the school hospital.

Being a school for nobility, the equipment of the school’s hospital was much more advanced than other hospitals.

Later, Mama Mu was informed about Mu Tangxue fainting, she immediately blamed the class teacher. “Why did my daughter faint on her first day in your school?”

“Mrs. Mu, please calm down.”

“Mommy, don’t blame teacher… I wasn’t being careful.” Mu Tangxue displayed her acting prowess, quickly siding with her teacher.

“Alright. You may go back to your work, teacher.”

The teacher turned but did not leave right away, because she caught what Mu Tangxue told Mama Mu next, “It’s Sister… she hit my head during recess.”

“You mean Qiqi?” Mama Mu’s face fell at once.

“It’s Sister.”

The teacher smiled at that and left the hospital. As she returned to her post, she thought that she could understand why Mu Qiqi did what she had done.

However, the Mu family could not do a thing to her even if the entire knew that Mu Qiqi had bullied Mu Tangxue.

Still, could the Mu family punish her?

It was impossible, or the truth about how the twins were treated differently would come to light.

In the past, the Mu family always bullied Mu Qiqi, and now she was using it against Mu Tangxue!

Later, the class teacher had a few words with Mu Qiqi since Mu Tangxue was sent to the hospital. However, most of their classmates also saw with their own eyes that Mu Qiqi had only splashed Mu Tangxue with porridge, so why would she suddenly faint?

Was that not a little too ridiculous?

“Qiqi, no one is going to touch your sister from now on. No one can afford having her going unconscious!”

“Terrible…” Her classmate sitting next to Mu Qiqi was sighing as well. “Why would she come to school with that body? Just play princess back home.”

Although the people around here had yet to learn that Mu Tangxue was just pretending, they at least learned that she was so weak that they should not simply ‘touch’ her—or they would suffer for it.

The class therefore decided that they would not approach that princess on their own.

When class ended, Mu Qiqi summed up her own performance for the day and found it acceptable.

Once school was over, she sped immediately to Old Lin’s car.

She had a feeling she would find Sheng Xiao in the car too!

As she thought, that repair-the-car excuse would last a few days!

Sheng Xiao leaned back on his seat, his elegant features looking lazy tired. Nonetheless, his eyes were as bright as embers, and were stunningly beautiful.

“Did you get bullied?”

Mu Qiqi shook her head, and took out a notebook packed with notes. “I wrote down my plans to handle her. I wasn’t bullied today!”

Sheng Xiao snatched away her notebook and flipped through her rather childish plans. “Confiscated!”


Sheng Xiao straightened and looked at her playfully. “Because I want your bullying tendencies to become second nature, and not by following some plan! I’m your confidence!”

“The Mu family can’t do anything even if Mu Tangxue suffered more than fainting, and was really taken to the hospital!”

So… he knew everything.

Why would he still ask her?

“I know you’re the source of my confidence. I’ll do better tomorrow!” Mu Qiqi assured Sheng Xiao. “It felt like heaven when I threw that porridge on her. To think she was the one bullying me before!”

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