Chapter 15: Important Person

Later, Sheng Xiao gave Jing Yun a call.

“The Mu family is asking for her.”

“Shouldn’t that be expected, Young Master? In the end, she is related to them by blood.”

“Doesn’t that mean that I’m related to them by blood as well?” Sheng Xiao said evilly.

There was also a profound threat in his words.

“What are you going to do, Young Master?” Jing Yun quickly changed the conversation.

“Would I just give her to them?” Sheng Xiao took a sip of the fragrant champagne, before continuing, “These are the two things you would do tomorrow…”

Sheng Xiao entrusted the details to Sheng Xiao.

He neither promised nor reassured Mu Qiqi because he would never repeat himself three times.

No matter how he went about it, he had taken in Mu Qiqi and gave her the little mansion. He believed that she is his.

Would he give her up just because someone asked?

He had never known what it is to give!

However, Mu Qiqi had a restless night because she did not get a definite answer.

That feeling of having her own fate under someone else’s control was simply unbearable.

Her face was pale-white when she got up from bed the next day. Su Zipei was most saddened when she saw her.

“Silly child. I would die before I let you be taken back. What could you be thinking? Moreover, Sheng Xiao would never let…”

“But he didn’t reply when I asked him yesterday.” Mu Qiqi said dejectedly. “I’m skipping breakfast, Aunt Zipei. I’ll head out now…”

“Okay, but bring some milk…” Su Zipei stuffed the bottle into her bag.

Meanwhile, the Mu family could not reach the French national as they hoped, whom they found out to be outside the country.

They certainly could not visit the small mansion either since it was private property, and no one could go or leave as they wished. Therefore, Papa Mu set his eyes on Eaton, intent on taking Mu Qiqi away from school by force.

With that decided, Papa Mu left the matter to his secretary, with Mama Mu following.

The two of them sat in a car and waited by Eaton’s school gates, watching anxiously as the students filed out.

Soon, Mu Qiqi appeared—once Mama Mu glimpsed her figure, she gestured for the secretary to get down and approach the girl.

Old Lin also saw Mu Qiqi then.

Earlier, Sheng Xiao had told him that the Mu family would make a move once they show up around Mu Qiqi. As such, he quickly gestured towards two black-clothed bodyguards behind him.

Although she had been prepared, Mu Qiqi still froze when she saw her mother suddenly appear before her.

“Qiqi… Mommy… wants to talk to you,” she said, gesturing for her to get in her car.

Mu Qiqi panicked, because she knew her mother is going to take her away… but even as she smartly evaded her, the secretary behind Mama Mu caught her.

Old Lin quickly lead the others and dashed towards them, yelling, “Leave our young mistress alone! Where did you come from? What are you trying to do?”

The black-clothed bodyguards had swiftly moved, seizing Mu Qiqi from the secretary’s clutches.

“That’s my daughter! I’m just taking my daughter with me!”

“Our young mistress’s mother is already dead… crazy woman.” With those words, Old Lin firmly shielded Mu Qiqi and returned to their car.

Mu Qiqi was trembling in fright, unable to repress her fear even as they drove off and her mother’s figure became ever smaller.

“Don’t worry, Young Mistress. You’re safe now.” Old Lin quickly assured her.

Even so, Mu Qiqi was overwhelming in rage and hate. Her tears kept flowing away.

When Old Lin saw that, he quickly phoned Sheng Xiao—who simply replied, “Stop at the junction. I’m waiting.”

Sheng Xiao certainly should not make an appearance since it would only make the Mu family double their efforts to get Mu Qiqi back and keep bothering them without rest.

While he could handle that, would Mu Qiqi be able to endure so much hurt?

Therefore, he drove to a secluded place. If Old Lin missed his timing, he would have been there.

Soon, Old Lin parked the car behind Eaton after catching a glimpse of Sheng Xiao’s yellow sports car.

Sheng Xiao got off and opened the sedan door to find Mu Qiqi sobbing all over.

His heart tightening, Sheng Xiao simply abandoned his sports car by the road and sat beside Mu Qiqi. “Drive, Old Lin.”

Then, gazing at Mu Qiqi, he told her firmly, “I promise.”

Mu Qiqi heard him right then. She did not expect that he would be telling her the answer to her question from the night before face to face.

For his part, the great Young Master Sheng Xiao believed that mobile phones were ice-cold machines that only deliver messages.

He would never be able to see the other’s face.

That was why he would say what was important personally.

And the important person would only important then.

Mu Qiqi dove into his arms, while he enveloped her before his strong chest.

“No one can take you away. I will bring you back even if they do.”

Mu Qiqi cried harder. Even so, she felt a firm sense of safety, because what Sheng Xiao did make her understood that he was always nearby whatever she ran into.

Her heart, caught in her throat, finally relaxed.

“It must have been a fright for young mistress. I have never seen such unfit parents before in my entire life.” Old Lin said, remembering what he saw.

It was just like slave traders trying to abduct a child.

“Had enough?” Sheng Xiao then shoved Mu Qiqi off after she kept twitching for what felt like half a day. “Bring a pepper spray from now on, and use it if this happens again!”

“What if… they go blind?” Mu Qiqi was still choking in tears.

“I’ll handle it.” He replied, tidying her messy hair. “You’re ugly in the first place, and now you’ll go blind if you keep crying.”

Mu Qiqi could not help but laugh.

“But the Mu family would come back…”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Jing Yun has sent a lawyer who would handle it.”

Sheng Xiao had a mysterious look on his face then—he would definitely handle any loose ends.

It was the first time, and the girl was already scared to death. Have her go home?

Even if the Mu family would not cherish her, someone would!

Soon, they reached home, with Su Zipei quickly coming out to receive them.

Mu Qiqi leaped into her arms at once. “Aunt Zipei…”

“It’s fine, as long as you’re alright.” Su Zipei quickly reassured her. “Thank you, Young Master Sheng.”

Sheng Xiao kept her eyes on Mu Qiqi but said nothing.

“Why do you feel so hot, Qiqi?” Su Zipei suddenly reached out to touch Mu Qiqi’s forehead. “Fever?”

After a night without sleep and not eat in the morning, it would be weird if she did not become fatigued and sick.

When he saw that, Sheng Xiao simply grabbed her by the waist and carried her over his shoulder…

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