Chapter 14: Who Would Dare To Interfere?

When Sheng Xiao was about to leave the little mansion after dinner, Mu Qiqi saw him off to the gates, clutching her exam papers.

“Be careful on your way back. There’s no telling when you would come again after today.”

Sheng Xiao had always done as he pleased, never affording others time to prepare.

Even so, Mu Qiqi was hopeful of seeing him again, just as she knew that her ‘hope’ was ‘greed’ in reality!

“Go back to your room. Don’t study all the time, though. You’ll become a nerd.” With those words, Sheng Xiao turned, got into his car and drove off.

Mu Qiqi pouted and sighed. She returned to her room and studied diligently under the night lamp.

On the other hand, Sheng Xiao did not really leave. He was still inside his car, watching the glowing yellow night lamp in her room.

When Jing Yun had warned him that he was not adopting a cat or a dog, did he really think that he, the Crown Prince of Huang Yao would fail to raise a girl?

Be that as it may, it was after what Su Zipei had told him today, that he finally realized something.

He was slowly becoming the center of her life.

And after being used to his freedom, could he truly live with such a shackle?

After quietly looking for downstairs for half an hour, Sheng Xiao finally drove off.

He thought that he might need a clearer position.

Mama Mu was completely dispirited when she reached home—she didn’t know whether she should tell her husband about Mu Qiqi receiving financial support.

Papa Mu scolded her when he found her returning, hanging her head in dejection. “Where have you been? Why’s dinner not ready yet?”

“I’ll cook right away.” Mama Mu took off her jacket and hurried into the kitchen.

Mu Tangxue knew that her mother had taken a huge blow right then, and so sneaked into the kitchen and asked, “Mommy, what did Aunt Zipei say?”

“Say no more. She gave me a scolding.”

So, it was not only Mu Qiqi who had turned the tables. Even Su Zipei now thought of herself as a phoenix soaring above them?

“Mommy, we should just tell Daddy, or he’s going to blame you when something happens,” Mu Tangxue suggested as if she was concerned.

Mama Mu was certainly afraid of taking responsibility as much as she never stood up for her own opinions. She was quickly convinced by Mu Tangxue’s words to tell her husband about Mu Qiqi.

After dinner, she took the information she has to Papa Mu’s study.

“Didn’t I tell you no to enter my study whenever you feel like it?” Papa Mu scolded.

“I… I have something to tell you.”

Mama Mu handed the information to Papa Mu, and said, “I thought Zipei would be taking care of Qiqi after she left… I don’t know what happened afterward, but she is now receiving help from a rich French national, and attending school at Eaton!”

Papa Mu was left dumbstruck by her words. He quickly read through the information and exploded, “Ridiculous. Do they think that the Mu family doesn’t exist? Who would dare to interfere when I teach my own daughter a lesson?”

“Do you think we should bring Qiqi home, husband? But have you thought about your brothers trying to grab your seat?”

Papa Mu held back his rage after being reminded of the fact, and paced around the study.

“Did you find her? Is she having a good time eating from someone else’s table? That ungrateful, back-stabbing thing is actually flaunting around in Eaton… If anyone knows, they would say that the Mu family couldn’t even afford raising a daughter?”

“So? What should we do?” Mama Mu asked.

After thinking for a while, Papa Mu told her, “Bring her home. Have your sister look after her.”

It was perhaps the biggest compromise Papa Mu would afford Mu Qiqi.

“But Zipei might not listen to me, and Qiqi might not come back.”

“That’s not up to her. I’m her father by law and therefore also her guardian!” Papa Mu grunted. “This is really frustrating! That rotten apple never did one good thing ever since she was born.”

“Contact them tomorrow and bring her back.”

Once Papa Mu issued a deadly order like that, the entire family would not ever dare protest.

Mu Tangxue never expected that outcome, and appeared saddened when Mama Mu returned to her room.

“Mommy, is Qiqi going to seek revenge when she comes back? I’m scared.”

“It’s okay, dear. Your father said that he’ll have your aunt take care of her. So don’t be afraid.”

Mu Tangxue smiled quietly at that. There was nothing then better than that, and she would see how Mu Qiqi would flaunt her grades now.

Meanwhile, Mu Qiqi was still poring over her books under the night lamp.

Then, Su Zipei entered her room at sat on her bed.


“Hmm?” Mu Qiqi turned to her. “What is it, Aunt Zipei?”

“Your mother came looking for me today.” Su Zipei said, intending to tell her everything. “But we didn’t agree to anything, but from what I know about her, she would definitely tell your father about you.”

“Is that so…”

“You know your father’s temper very well. He would just force you to go home… he would never allow his weakness at large away from his control, and would keep you under his watch by any means.” Su Zipei added gloomily.”

“I know.” Mu Qiqi’s mood promptly dropped beneath a deep ravine.

“I’m telling you this so you could prepare yourself.”

With those words, Su Zipei tousled her hair. “Sleep early, don’t stay up too late.”

Mu Qiqi was panicking inside even as she watched Su Zipei leave. She did not want to be taken back to the Mu family, but Papa Mu was still his guardian… with his guardianship, she had no way to resist.

If it was not the worst for her life to revert to what it was once before, what was?

And she would never see Sheng Xiao again…

Mu Qiqi was feeling miserable at that every thought. She drew her worn phone from her pocket and went to her message panel.

Sheng Xiao had just left. Was she going to trouble him already?

But who could she go to other than him?

With that thought, Mu Qiqi sent him a message. “I heard from my aunt that my father might try to take me home. I’m scared… can you ensure that I won’t be taken away?”

Sheng Xiao had just reached home, lying down inside a bathtub and spacing out as he stared at the scar on his thigh. He heard the ring from his phone and turned to lift it, but stepped out once he saw that it was a message from Mu Qiqi.

Still, he did not reply immediately—he poured himself a glass of red wine and settled into his couch, phone in hand.

On the other end, Mu Qiqi lowered her phone in disappointed, assuming that Sheng Xiao was already asleep.

But amidst her dejection, her phone screen lit up.

There were only three simple words that read: Go to sleep!

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