Chapter 12: Wasn’t Your Sister…

Sheng Xiao’s eyes were bright and hopeful as he watched Mu Qiqi, but his smile was demonic.

“Then how do you want me to think of you?”

Mu Qiqi was stunned. Sheng Xiao had directly returned her question.

“I asked first!”

“Like a sister, of course! What else could it be?” Old Lin suddenly interrupted merrily from the driver’s seat.

He was driving, and as such could not tell the feelings extending from Mu Qiqi’s eyes towards Sheng Xiao was familial or even friendly.

Sheng Xiao appeared aware of that, but he did not react—showing neither disgust nor delight.

Either way, that conversation ended with Old Lin’s interruption.

In reality, Mu Qiqi was afraid that Sheng Xiao would notice something as much as she was afraid that he didn’t notice anything. But with her girly thoughts essentially hanging all over her face, how could Sheng Xiao not get it?

Even so, Sheng Xiao was not one of morals. He only ever did things according to his mood, which was why he would never give a damn about conditions or obstacles if he had his eye on something!

Still, in the very least and for the moment, he enjoyed Mu Qiqi’s dependence on himself.

Being one who lived surrounded by the finest of women, has he not seen even the flamboyant of them? And yet, he would rather stay close to her pure-whiteness.

That was why he could easily see through every one of Mu Qiqi’s reactions and feelings, even if it was very unfair to her.

She was fearful and nervous, only able to keep her feelings hidden deep within herself as she tried to test the depths of Sheng Xiao’s heart, little by little.

That was why her anxiety left him very entertained.

“It has been so long, but I still don’t know what to call you…” Mu Qiqi said quietly after fidgeting for a long time. “And I definitely don’t want to call you brother…”

“Not brother, then what?” Old Lin interrupted again.

Mu Qiqi could cry right then.

Couldn’t Old Lin just stick to the driving?

Shang Xiao quietly smiled as he enjoyed the look on the young lady’s face. “So, what do you want to call me? Come, tell me.”

Can I call you whatever I want? Mu Qiqi thought. How about ‘Xiao Xiao’? Would you like that?

“Just call me Brother Xiao in front of others.” Sheng Xiao offered.

It also meant that she could call her whatever she wanted when there was no one else around, although that subtext was lost on Mu Qiqi. However, his suggestion was the most reasonable address at the moment too.

“About just now, when Mu Tangxue came looking for me…”

“Mu Qiqi, do you need me to repeat myself? I’ve told you I won’t give up on what belongs to me.”

Sheng Xiao’s side profile was illuminated by the setting sun right then, making him appear elegant and flawless.

He looked confident, flaunting and even devilish, but that was the Sheng Xiao that left Mu Qiqi captivated, rooting himself deep inside the heart of a girl who was yet eighteen.

She was not a hundred percent sure, but she also knew that it was a very dangerous feeling.

Even so, she could not control herself…

And by how Sheng Xiao reacted, it appears that he has no intention of having her control herself either.

“No, I’m just worried that Mu Tangxue would try something.”

“Well, do you think her tricks would work with me or you?”

For the moment, Mu Tangxue’s tricks were really ineffective to anyone.

“It’s only the retards in the Mu family who would believe her.”

Sheng Xiao stayed over in the little mansion for dinner before driving off. It left Mu Qiqi with quickened heartbeats and a restless night…

Therefore, he recorded everything in her diary once more.

Because it had pumped her full of courage, and provided her a target going forward!

Meanwhile, Mu Tangxue threw a fit when she returned home after being snubbed by Mu Qiqi, but kept it inside her room. In front of others, she would always retain her mild, understanding personality as if she never intended to trouble others.

She really did not imagine that Mu Qiqi had become so strong-willed. Neither could she remember the past, because that would only enlarge the gap between them!

That wouldn’t do. She had to come up with something to learn what actually happened with Mu Qiqi, but there was a choice she needed to make in the process.

And that was telling their parents.

If she allowed Mu Qiqi to keep doing as she pleased, their parents would learn about her presence and be surprised by how much she changed.

Right now, she must seize the advantage by striking first!

With that in mind, Mu Tangxue squeezed out a few tears as she knocked on the door of her mother’s room. “Mommy, are you there?”

“What happened, dear?” Mama Mu quickly opened her door.

Mu Tangxue leaped into her arms with reddened eyes. “Actually, I saw Sister in Eaton today, mommy.”

“What?” Mama Mu’s eyes widened, pushing away Mu Tangxue. “Could you be mistaken? Wasn’t your sister…”

“How could I be wrong? That’s my sister by blood!” Mu Tangxue cried. “But when I tried to talk to her, she ignored me, and… and…”

“And what?” Mama Mu pressed.

“She said that it was me who caused her so much trouble, that she would kill me… Mommy.”

Mu Tangxue was sobbing miserably—anyone would have felt sympathetic.

“Did your sister really say that?” Mama Mu felt as if something was clenching her heart.

“She had become so horrible… is she going to come back and seek revenge?”

“No way. Your dad and I won’t let that happen—but you have to explain to us what happened, Tangxue.”

“Then, do we tell Daddy?” Mu Tangxue asked, looking up.

“We’ll investigate it quietly. The same thing happened with your aunt—she had gone missing, and even changed her number.” Mama Mu was thinking about gathering information from Su Zipei, but both her sister and her brother-in-law had disappeared without a trace.

Was Qiqi actually sold or something else? She didn’t know the truth.

Still, with her mother saying that she would investigate about Mu Qiqi, Mu Tangxue knew she had got what she came for.

She was only too aware of how meek her mother was—all she had to do was put up an act, and it would be impossible for Mu Qiqi to return to their family.

After all, didn’t Mu Qiqi become like that to come back?

However, Mu Qiqi actually no longer cared about the Mu family.

Even if all of them would kneel before her, there was no way they would even shift her ‘noble’ feet!

As expected, Mama Mu did not dare to tell her husband about the matter. She quietly sought out a private investigator to look into the reason Mu Qiqi appeared at Eaton.

It took the private investigator a few days where he captured quite a few photos of Mu Qiqi to finally give Mama Mu some information.

“Madam Mu, according to our investigation, your eldest daughter has received the financial support of a rich French national, and is now residing in a small mansion in Jianchuan. Here’s the information on the French national and the small mansion, and it appears that your daughter is also living together with your sister!”

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