Chapter 1: Born As Twins with Different Fates

“Mu Qiqi, you killed your own grandmother. You are no longer a daughter of our family, get lost, and never come back!”

Her father’s roar was still resounding beside her ears, but Mu Qiqi was already being dragged out of her family’s house by their servants.

“It wasn’t me; it was Tangxue…” she cried.

“Oh, Qiqi, don’t cry. Come with me…” A middle-aged woman who was dressed plainly stood beyond the gates, pulling her away. “Your mother has entrusted you to us. You’ll be living with me from now on!”

The Mu family no longer wanted anything to do with Mu Qiqi just because she was ‘naughty’ since she was a child. That was why she became the scapegoat for her own twin sister, who was the real culprit of her grandmother’s overdosing.

Her twin sister Mu Tangxue only had to say, “Dad, Sis was the one who gave Grandma her medicine.”

And with those words, her life became hell.

Though they were born as twins, she was blamed for all her twin sister’s mistake because she was poor at putting up an act…

And this time, she was actually being disowned.

Even if she did think about leaving, it was not how she would have it!

Mu Qiqi held herself and burst into tears when they arrived at her aunt’s crude house, and her aunt soon followed suit.

“Why is the Mu family always so ruthless? Dumping such a fine daughter at a wretched aunt like me, how are we going to survive? You’re not even eighteen… And then there is your uncle…”

…Who was a gambling addict and alcoholic who sold everything they had in the house. Now that Mu Qiqi has joined them, there was no telling whether that scumbag would set his eyes upon her and sell her off.

“Qiqi, you should stay at my friend’s home… it’s in the clinic of a nearby town. I’ll talk things through with your uncle, poor child… you’re clearly twins, but why are both of you treated so differently?”

It was not the first time that Mu Qiqi had to take the blame. Every time tears rolled from Mu Tangxue cheeks, the same thing would happen even if they were outside of home.

There were times when Mu Qiqi actually thought about marrying the son of her family’s sworn enemy and annoy her own parents to death!

It was just that she did not expect it to happen soon.

Mu Qiqi learned to help with various work after arriving at the clinic, but was half a dropout after she had been abandoned by the Mu family. There were often accidents happening in the main road near the clinic, with most patients brought often suffered grievous external injuries.

Mu Qiqi wanted nothing in particular—it would suffice as long as she could have three meals and a roof over her head.

Nonetheless, even if there was a corner in her heart thinking that the Mu family would not really abandon her, three months passed without a word from them.

In fact, there was no way they would send anyone to her!

“Qiqi, what are you spacing out for? It’s another accident, you’re with me.”

It was just minutes into the night when the owner of the clinic woke her up on her chair.

Mu Qiqi quickly followed him to the scene of the accident to move the injured victims to their clinic.

There were three victims this time: the driver who caused the crash was heavily injured and two youths: one was seriously hurt, while the other fainted but only received scratch wounds.

“Qiqi, help!”

At her boss’s call, Mu Qiqi hurried to him and moved the seriously hurt young man, but when the young man was laid out over the stretcher, she soon realized that he was Sheng Xiao, the son of that demonic being named Huang Yao.

Mu Qiqi had been in the same prestigious school with him and often shared a place on the notice boards—the difference was that he was winning achievements while she was being scolded for making trouble.

Naturally, they were grade-schoolers back then, but Sheng Xiao was unusually not a rule-abiding role model student.

He was dangerous, and wicked to the core.

“Qiqi, take off his pants. Hurry up…”

Mu Qiqi reacted at once to her boss’s shout. “Oh, okay…”

“The underpants too!”

Mu Qiqi was speechless.

“Why the blank look? It’s a matter of life and death—the others are busy saving the driver, so get a move on. I need to stop the bleeding on his thigh!”

Being just eighteen, Mu Qiqi had yet to see that particular part of men which made it reasonable for her to hesitate. Still, a life hung in the balance, and she could only muster her courage to strip him naked…

“First time?” Her boss grinned even though he was preoccupied.

Mu Qiqi’s voice shook a little. “No… not really.”

“Well, you should tell him to repay this debt with his body when he wakes up!”

However, the young man was not really unconscious. He could at least hear everything around him and feel his pants going off.

And the one who was stripping him was that little troublemaker of the Mu family!

He was going to remember that.

“Qiqi, what blood type are you?” Her boss asked as he tried to stop the youth’s bleeding. “He’s lost some blood and needs a transfusion, but we don’t have any stores back at the clinic.”

“I’m O… I’m O-type.”

“Come then, offer yourself gloriously…”

Mu Qiqi did not hesitate to give her blood to Sheng Xiao. Her small frame displayed great strength then.

Soon, Sheng Xiao fell asleep, his handsome face appearing especially glamorous beneath the soft light.

How could there be someone so good-looking?

Mu Qiqi watched him as he slept, while his assistant rested next door. Qiqi’s boss was contacting the police, whereas the darkness of night finally arrived in silence.

Mu Qiqi was going to fetch water for Sheng Xiao the next day, when her aunt came to the clinic looking for her. “Qiqi, I’ve come to get you… your uncle has agreed to you staying.”

Although she wanted to stay at the clinic, Mu Qiqi had no family in the clinic and still have to keep studying. Therefore, she simply left with her aunt after saying goodbye to her boss.

But could she have known it was her uncle’s trap that awaits her?

Sheng Xiao recovered after resting for the night, but only saw his assistant once he opened his eyes.

“You’re awake, Young Master. I’ll help you up, but your pants are torn…”

Sheng Xiao remembered the young girl who saw everything at the mention of pants.

“Where’s that girl from the Mu family?” he asked hoarsely, holding himself up.

“Her aunt came to take her away… I didn’t expect you to know her.” The owner of the clinic who just entered explained. “Poor girl… disowned by her own family, and there’s no telling how she would end up now.”


“Her uncle’s a monster, a gambling addict and alcoholic. He definitely would sell her off… with her fine looks, she would definitely be worth some money!”

She took off his pants and would simply escape?

No woman had ever touched him in his life!

“Young Master, we should hurry back to Jianchuan…” his assistant reminded him.

“No, we’re going to her.” Sheng Xiao looked up coldly, his dark eyes shining like obsidians.

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