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Feng Jingtianxia: Gold Medal Killer Concubine

Feng Jingtianxia: Gold Medal Killer Concubine
Other names: 凤惊天下:金牌杀手妃
Author: Su Nuanse
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2019
Status: Chapter 1005 Finale


Everyone knows that the eldest of the Feng family, Feng, is cowardly, cowardly, lacking in ink, and hated by everyone. As everyone knows, once the soul changes, the gold medal killer of the 21st century is ushered in. The black belly, the cunning, and the jealous will be reported to her. How can we let those who hurt her be spared! From then on, the world said, “I would rather offend the Yama King than to provoke the Feng enchanting.” Because the Feng enchanting exists like a demon, everyone is afraid of it. Warm Color New Article [Domineering Crossing: The Concubine of the Storm King]…


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