The CEO’s Pregnant Wife

Super troublesome! Since when was being pregnant easier than buying fresh vegetables? Alright, alright, she did admit herself that she had been muddleheaded, but this man really does not have any sense of commitment. As the host of the night club, not only is he bad at servicing others, his ‘skill’ turned out to be deadly worse.

It pained her to death, and by that time her mood had already turned sour.
She will absolutely report this to Customer Association. But… but… he wasn’t a host after all! Furthermore, to her surprise, the worse thing that was to transpire was that she had become pregnant with his child!

The next chronology is big. The most misfortune thing was that she was his only antidote. Hu hu hu, someone tell her, what should she do in order to free herself from this big dilemma?
Title: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife
Alternative name: Shanhun Zongcai Qiyueqi, 闪婚总裁契约妻
Author: Qian Cao
Genre: Josei, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 10 chapters + epilogue (Complete)
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“I am so nervous.”

“It’s only meeting my parent, there’s no need to be nervous.”

“But no matter what this is my first time to meet father and mother in law.” Although, the wedding has not been held yet, and adding the ‘future’ this word.

“Father and Mother knew that you are my Ming Yi, both of them will only take you as Bao Bei (treasure) to be spoiled.” Jun Si Que remembered that time when he told his parent, he had found his Ming Yi, besides the news at the time he said wanted to get married, Father and Mother were showing such joyful expression.

“Really?” She was skeptical.

“Moreover, you are even giving birth to such cute grandson for them.”

“But….” Fang Yi Ran’s face dimmed, “If your parent know, Xiao Tian is also inherit your weird blood, they must be sad.”

“Rest assured, Xiao Tian is ours son, he absolutely being able to find a Ming Yi that belonging to him.” He said with great certainty.

“That’s right, he is ours son, you are being able to find me, impossible for him not being able to find his own Ming Yi.” Fang Yi Ran nodding her head, “Oh yeah, is it yours Jun Family going to react differently at the moment found a Ming Yi?”

“Yes, for example me, at the moment when I spotted on you, my heart beating so fast, at that time, I didn’t believe that you were my Ming Yi.” Jun Si Que answered.

“Well then, since today onwards, everyday you bring ten girls to meet Xiao Tian! Looking for Ming Yi, the best starting from now, we are competing with time.”

“Yi Ran, this….”

“And also, Ming Yi perhaps is not a kid, an adult or perhaps old person, and also not a female, then perhaps going to be… a male!”

“…………….Yi Ran.” He wanted to stop his wild kitty to think nonsense.

“Si Que, you say, if in the future our son brings a male in law, what should we….ugh, what to do?”

“…………” At this moment, Jun Si Que very certain, the habit of him that like to rub his forehead, going to be continued for many years…. Many years.

A sound of miserable wail is coming from a small alley. In the alley, there were two men standing, as long as the people who walking in black and white paths must be familiarized, seeing two of them must be shocked, these two people are the infamous Nan Gong Ling and He Shi Ya.

“You are really unfortunate, after Xiao Ran done with that person, let see what she going to do with you.” This time, it was the turned for Nan Gong Ling to laugh at other party’s sadness.

He Shi Ya bitterly smiled, “How could I know, this brat was having contact with Tao Yun Ke before, moreover, he had collected Xiao Ran data and sold it to Tao Yun Ke.” A branch subordinate, the person indeed one of branch subordinate.

“It only can blame your men blind, didn’t know who could be provoking and could not be provoking, and stupidly provoked Xiao Ran.” Even though few of them are the head, they also not even dare to provoke that Demoness Queen. After all, once she really angry, the ending would be crying without tears.

He Si Ya nodding as signal he agreed.

The screaming in the alley sounded such tragic and the level increased.

He Shi Ya and Nan Gong Ling were shivering, at the same time their heart had decided, next time when they spotted that Demoness, absolutely, they absolutely must turned around!

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