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The Romance of Princess Ou

The Romance of Princess Ou
Other names: 欧公主的恋爱记
Author:  Lee Butterfly Greek
Genre:  Romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Ouke, you are broken in love!!! But the popularity has unexpectedly skyrocketed!!! First, the bar met the five men who resounded through the Diqing District, followed by the crazy pursuit of S4, what ghost prince, angel prince, prince cool Wait, who is her mr.right? Also, what conspiracy does the woman who forcibly take her boyfriend want to play? This article is the first to write an emotional reasoning drama. I hope you can enjoy it when you watch it!

Character name: Ouke you

Gender: Female

Nickname: No

Status: Student

Home address: Manqing area, Dieqing District

Blood type: O type

Birthday: September 22

Constellation: Virgo

Favorite food: sliced ​​noodles (actually Yuechan likes many snacks)

Favorite color: blue (if sky blue~!)

Favorite things: reading

Favorite book: As long as it is a book, I like to read it

Favorite animal: small fish

Biggest wish: After reading all the books in this world

Most often said: no

Personality: Although he has a cheerful personality, he is always banned when he laughs and is very seductive (regardless of men, women and children). He is very calm and intelligent in doing things.

Advantages: study very well, dance well, always win honor for the school

Disadvantages: Basically, there are few disadvantages

Weaknesses: Friends’ feelings, basically everything they ask for will be done

The person who hates the most: neither hate

Good friends: Tong Haige, Lai Youfei, the five male heroes, Dai Piaopiao, Luo Xin, etc. everyone in the play

Favorite thing to do: reading

The most disgusting thing: someone interrupted her reading


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