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Even love

Even love
Other names: 偶恋
Author: falling clouds soar
Genre:  Tanmei
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Please try to pick the lotus root in the pond. If your heart is empty, there is a thread. Love is something that cannot be said. You think there is no love, but you love it. You think it is a memorial, but you forget it. The love between Su Heng and Chen Yihang is like cutting Like an open lotus root, you say it is empty, but there are threads connected. They meet by chance, but they are cocooned. One misses the past, one hates the present. One plunders, and resists. It is clear that it is already in love, and it is still going to be desperate. Struggling, Chen Yihang wandered between the red rose and the white rose, and Su Heng wandered between love and hate. Both are ghosts who have not found their belongings, and hurt each other in seeking and being sought.


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