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Spoiling the World by the Beloved Husband: Miss Madness

Spoiling the World by the Beloved Husband: Miss Madness
Other names: 宠夫祸世:轻狂大小姐
Author: Ming Xier
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release: 2019
Status: 254


The female martial artist is reborn from Nirvana and returns against the sky.
Protect your loved ones, tear your enemies, and I have all the treasures in my hands!
The alchemy drawing symbols are simple, and the refining tool controls the animal like play.
Nothing small tease tease lover, something beat beat two brothers.
Life is so comfortable, but someone loves to die…
the battle between dragon and phoenix is ​​irreversible, she will never get along with her lover?
Ha ha!
Dismantle the 8888888 ways of death in my marriage, and learn about it?
“Bai Lixi, you are a humble bastard, it is not enough to harm the Feng Clan, and you want to continue to afflict our Dragon Clan. You really think that you are…”
“Well, beauty and wisdom coexist, you guys. The young master praised me so every day.


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