Chapter 9 Making a move Su Yufeng’s schemes

“How do you know that it is not easy to deal with her?” Ye Jiuge expressed her doubts.

“Because there is nothing that I can’t do.” Zi Shang winked at Ye Jiuge, his eyes twinkling captivatingly.

“So?” He had ended his sentence halfway since he needed to be careful not to get struck by the lightning.

“So, if you beg me, not only will I forgive your rudeness, but I will also tell you what they are planning to do.” Zi Shang’s breath smelled like orchids. His voice was full of temptation. “Regardless of what you wish to know, I can tell you everything.”

“Ha, ha. I just want to know when you are planning to f*ck off.” Ye Jiuge rolled her eyes.

Actually, there were many matters about which she wished to learn. For example, the reason she had traversed into this world. Whether her grandfather was still alive, and, if he was still alive, where was he? Not only that, she wished to know why Zi Shang wanted to help her cultivation, what did he wish to obtain from her…

But she knew that it was useless to beg him for answers. Zi Shang would not tell her these things.

As for what Ye Shanshan was plotting, did he think that she was so ignorant that she did not know how to investigate such a simple matter by herself?

Ye Jiuge wore clothes meant for spying. With the darkness of night concealing her, she left the Zhilin Residence.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Ye Residence at Shuimo Garden, they saw Zhang Mama being carried back at that very moment, and chaos erupted.

“Mother, Ye Jiuge has already walked all over us. Don’t tell me that we still need to continue to tolerate her?” said Ye Shanshan furiously.

She had wanted to deal with Ye Jiuge earlier, when she was being humiliated at the entrance. However, her mother had advised her firmly that her father now thought of Ye Jiuge as a treasured person, so she had to tolerate her.

But now, Ye Jiuge’s insolence was grating on her nerves. If they did not retaliate soon, the servants would think that they were afraid of Ye Jiuge. If things continued in this way, would there still be a place for the mother and daughter pair?

Su Yufeng put down the teacup in her hands in a dignified and elegant manner. She eyed her personal maid, Zhi Hua, who was beside her. Immediately, Zhi Hua led everyone from the room.

“How many times have I told you that you are a future Crown Princess Consort, so you must be prim and proper? Why are you still so quick-tempered?”

Su Yufeng looked at Ye Shanshan with displeasure because Ye Shanshan could not behave according to her expectations. She was irritated that she could not see any improvement in her sinister-looking face. How could she not be angry that her treasured daughter had been humiliated? But, this time, it was the Old Master who had whipped her. It was not like she could seek him out and avenge her daughter.

Moreover, thanks to the ruckus, the fact that her daughter had pushed Ye Jiuge down into the Wanzhang Depths was now public knowledge. At present, she did not even have enough time to help her daughter keep a low profile until the fuss died down, so where would she find the time and energy to deal with Ye Jiuge?

“After the Crown Prince was humiliated by Ye Jiuge, he redirected his anger to me. He has not sent me letters for a few days, so what kind of Crown Princess Consort am I supposed to be?” Ye Shanshan’s eyes reddened, and her tears nearly fell.

During these last few days, she had commanded someone to send a message to the Crown Prince asking him to meet, but the Crown Prince kept declining by saying that he was very busy. He had completely lost his previous passion. Anxiety overwhelmed her.

“What happened? The Crown Prince was fine before, so why would he vent his anger at you now?”

As soon as Su Yufeng heard this news, she was not able to sit calmly. She had racked her brain in the hope of her daughter being crowned as the esteemed Crown Princess Consort, so she would not allow the Crown Prince to escape her grasp.

“This was all caused by Ye Jiuge, that stupid b*tch. Mother, please help me kill her and take back the Purple Lightning Wood. Then, the Crown Prince will return to my side,” Ye Shanshan begged, pulling on Su Yufeng’s sleeve. She knew that the Crown Prince wanted the Purple Lightning Wood. As long as she delivered it into his hands, he would definitely be impressed.

Su Yufeng’s expression changed again and again. Truth be told, since Ye Jiuge had humiliated her daughter and beat her trusted aide, she was itching to dismember Ye Jiuge into a thousand pieces. However, relying on Yun Tianwei’s excellent reputation, Ye Jiuge was acting so high and mighty that even Ye Yuxuan needed to ingratiate himself with her. If Su Yufeng dealt with her openly again, in the end, she and her daughter would be at a disadvantage.

“Mother, surely, you have a plan. Please, help your daughter!” Ye Shanshan trusted her mother completely.

Ye Jiuge’s damaged nerves and disfigured face had both been secretly caused by her mother. After all these years, no one had noticed. As long as her mother was willing to help her, Ye Jiuge would certainly die.

“Aye, I really owe you!” Su Yufeng eyed her daughter. Finally, she decided to get involved in the situation and help her deal with Ye Jiuge.

“I know that you love me the most. So, what do you plan to do?” Ye Shanshan’s eyes brightened, and she forgot to continue crying.

“Firstly, you shouldn’t ask about it. After we meet with your father, you will know.” Su Yufeng’s eyes were full of slyness. The mother and daughter pair would not be able to deal with Ye Jiuge by themselves. They needed their trump card, Ye Yuxuan, to succeed.

Ye Shanshan pulled her shoulders back and stammered, “Didn’t you say that I should stay away from Father at this time?”

Father was extremely furious that she had pushed Ye Jiuge down into the Wanzhang Depths, so she was avoiding him.

“Foolish girl, you do not need to be scared of him in my presence. Remember, when you see your father, do not mention Ye Jiuge. Just bringing up the Crown Prince will be sufficient.” After Su Yufeng instructed her with these few words, she brought her daughter to the study at the main residence.

As soon as Ye Yuxuan heard that Su Yufeng had arrived with her daughter, he put down the medical book in his hands and said, “Let them come in!”

“Your daughter has come to meet you, Father!” Ye Shanshan curtseyed obediently, her voice as sweet as honey.

At first, Ye Yuxuan was still angry with her, but when he saw how pretty and well-mannered his daughter was, he couldn’t help but relent. He asked her gently, “Why are you and your mother visiting me so late at night?”

“The Crown Prince recently wrote me a letter. I do not know what to do, so I have come to ask for your advice.” Ye Shanshan pretended to be deeply troubled and spoke in accordance with what her mother had told her.

“What did the Crown Prince say in his letter?” Ye Yuxuan’s heart jumped. All this while, the Crown Prince had made it obvious that he was dissatisfied with him, so he felt uneasy.

“Father, the Crown Prince has asked me to think of a way to obtain the Purple Lightning Wood!” Ye Shanshan said cautiously.

“Purple Lightning Wood?” Ye Yuxuan suddenly thought of the spectacle that had taken place in the inner courtyard earlier that day. Immediately, he furrowed his eyebrows and said with displeasure, “Since you put it that way, I have to ask: were you the one who asked Zhang Mama to steal the Purple Lightning Wood?”

“I didn’t.” Ye Shanshan was astonished and shook her head quickly. She had never ordered Zhang Mama to steal the Purple Lightning Wood from Ye Jiuge.

However, Ye Yuxuan did not believe her. He scolded her angrily, “How could you do such an idiotic thing? Did the dog eat your brain?”

This daughter seemed smart, most of the time. However, she had always lacked common sense during crucial moments, so much so that she had even harmed her own sister. Truly, she was a stupid girl. The most idiotic thing of all was how she had allowed others to discover what she had done. She was really as dumb as a pig.

“Father, really, I did not do it.” Ye Shanshan was so anxious that she almost cried. Quickly, she turned to her mother for help.

Su Yufeng came forward and said softly, “Old Master, our child Shanshan was unwise in her actions. However, what she has done she did for the Ye Clan. Jiuge insulted the Crown Prince in public. Because of this, the Crown Prince is now furious at the whole Ye Clan. If it were not for Shanshan trying to mediate between the two sides, I’m afraid that the relationship between the Crown Prince and the Ye Clan would worsen. Our daughter is so thoughtful. However, you still want to blame her. You are really too harsh.”

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